Few Guideline About Why Tyre Services are Required

Small things like to check if the tyre’s pressure is right or if the tyres are property inflated, create a huge impact and ensure that the tyre can last for a long time. Tyres that are not inflated or are over inflated do not wear out evenly and have a better shelf life. Also, such tyres are one of the primary causes for using excess of fuel. Since under-inflated tyres have a large resistance that is related to rolling, it takes a lot of effort for the vehicle to move from one place to the other.

Tyre Services
Tyre Services

General Guidelines for Tyre Services

  • The first point to always keep in mind for tyre services is checking the tyre pressure on a monthly basis. Even if there is no damage in the tyres, they can lose somewhere close to 1 psi in a month. This loss gets accelerated if there is air leak due to puncture accidents, or malfunction of wheels, or leaks in the valve cap or the valves themselves.
  • One more point to remember for tyre services is that the tyre pressure should be checked when the tyres are cool just before starting a car or if the car has covered close to 3 miles at very low speeds and also before you go on a long trip.
  • If tyres are hot, 4-5 psi should be added to the recommended pressure of the manufacturer or wait till the tyre has completely cooled down, which is usually 3 hours after the car is parked.
  • One key important point for tyre services is that hot tyres should never be deflated.

How to Check the Pressure Inside the Tyre

There are certain factors for checking air pressure. The guidelines listed below should be followed by companies that provide tyre services. Some of the key factors are-

  • For tyre services, the pressure gage should be inserted properly into the tyre’s valve stem. After this the gage will come out of the valve stem located on the tyre.
  • After coming out of the valve stem it shows a particular number which is psi number of the car.
  • The hissing sound occurs when the air escapes from the tyre. This shouldn’t adversely impact the pressure of the tyre unless the air pressure gage is held for way too long.
  • Then the measured psi should be compared to the recommended psi.
  • During tyre services, if the psi in the tyre is above the recommended psi, then the air should be let till there is a match in the air pressure of the tyre.
Tyre Replacement
Tyre Replacement

Tyre Services – Storage of Tyres

There are certain tips that need to be followed when tyres are to be stored because tyre storage plays a crucial role when it comes to tyre services. Some of these tips are-

  • The tyres should be stored in indoor locations that are cool, clean, and dark. The storage place should be away from the direct sunlight. Also, the tyres should be stored away from ozone, electric generators, and other types of electrical equipment.
  • If the tyres are stored in outdoor locations, the tyres should be raised from the ground and covered with waterproof cover that has holes on it to prevent moisture.
  • The surface on which the tyres are placed should be absolutely clean and free from liquids like solvents, oils, gasoline, and others.

If the tyres in a vehicle are usually parked for a long period, the tyres should be taken off from the vehicles and stored in a cool location. Failure to not carry this out might result in irreversible damage.

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