Sure-Shot Tips to Choose a Perfect Caterer for Corporate Events

When it comes to hosting a corporate or an office event, you need to know that it is completely different than hosting the informal ones. Also, corporate and office catering varies a lot than the catering of usual events. Now, if there is a difference in the style of catering, there surely would be a difference in the way you choose a caterer. Selecting a corporate and office catering service has a lot many more steps as the event would need a kind of a defined decorum. If it is the first time you are hosting and managing a corporate or an office event, you may want to ask for tips for choosing a proper corporate and office catering service to ensure the event is a hit. So, if you are looking for tips, look no further. Here is all you need to know:

Corporate Catering
Corporate Catering
  1. Look whether the caterers are able to provide services specifically for formal events. This is an important point to keep in mind. Never a caterer who works on a low scale to handle a corporate or office catering. This needs experience and a bit more expertise. An amateur caterer can mess up the whole event. Also make sure that the caterer has the experience of handling large number of people efficiently. Ask around for reviews.
  2. The responsiveness of the caterer is really important. See how responsive and keen the staff appears to be. See if they are ready to take interest personally in your interests and needs. The point of how responsive and interested the caterers are in your event during the initial conversations is a clear indication of how good the corporate and office catering service will be provided by them. A prospective caterer should be keen on learning as much as possible about you and the event in talk from the very first conversation or else you can just cross that particular caterer off the list and move on to the next one.
  3. A complete explanation of services and good promised in the contract is a must. The caterer should give a clearly spelled out contract mentioning the food items, starters, beverages and all the supporting services. Make sure the caterer gives you the details of all the services you are entitled to get. It would be really a big fix if there is a shortcoming due to lack of a particular service during an ongoing event.
  4. Get a tasting first. This is definitely you should not take for granted. For formal events, the key point is to make an impression. So, ensure that the caterers have good chefs to cook delicious meals. Also, the serving staff need to be well versed with formal etiquette. You do not want the event to look like a marriage function. So, ensure that the arrangements are so made. Schedule a tasting before finalising the contract. Also, keep in mind that the length of time in the catering industry does not translate to a tasty cuisine. So, never take things for granted. Ask for the chef’s CV and bona fides.
  5. Focus on professional hand service. For corporate and office catering, the most important factor is always the service. Formal events are not just fun and frolic. There are various addresses, speeches, and handing out of awards and promotions. So, make sure you can count on the caterer you hired to offer a quiet service while all the events are going on. The guests should feel entertained, but at the same time the main focus should always be the ongoing event.
Office Catering
Office Catering

These tips are enough to make your event a blooming success. But, before you confirm the contract, make sure the corporate and office catering service providers have an insurance so that you do not get legally involved for some oversight accident due to the fault of the catering staff during the event. Focus on these 5 tips and you are surely to get applauds for good catering arrangements after the event is a success.

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