The Importance of Maintenance in Evaporative Air Conditioners

The evaporative air conditioner need to be serviced every few days to make sure that they do not accumulate dusts, dirt, fungi and molds inside. It all happens because of the peculiar mechanism of the machine. These air conditioners are not like conventional ACs. They have a different way of working which involves cooling the air by water evaporation which helps the air temperature drop quickly as water takes all the heat from the air to evaporate. As water is involved in the process, the moisture invites in the buildup of microbes and mildews inside the machine.

#The Common Issues

The common problems you may get from evaporative air conditioning service due to moisture usage in the process are:

Evaporative Cooling
Evaporative Cooling
  • Mildew buildup inside.
  • Water stains and microbial buildup.
  • Stale air coming out from the outlet when machine not cleaned for months.

Besides these problems which may happen due to moisture, many technical problems may also come along, like:

  • Electrical line problems.
  • Drainage problems.
  • Water tank problems.

All these troubles can be avoided by periodic monitoring and service for the machine. People blame it on machines when they do not work as desired ignoring the fact that machines need timely maintenance too. To make sure that the evaporative AC is working well, you need to arrange servicing. At least one service twice a year for low working machines and 3 to 4 service for medium to heavy working machines is required for smooth functioning of the machine.

#How to Clean an Evaporative Air Conditioner

An evaporative air conditioner can be cleaned by opening the machine. You need not be a technician to do this. Even you can do it for yourselves. The basic and most important thing is to keep the machine clean. For this you should use a mild and safe antimicrobial and antifungal cleaning solution. After draining off accumulated water from water tank, and wiping the insides with a dry cloth, you may clean it with the cleaner solvent. This ensures that microbes and germs are killed.

Take care to clean every duct, and reach as much inner as possible. Once wiped let it dry off. Later run the machine to see if the air is fresher and the machine is functioning smoothly.

Evaporative Cooler
Evaporative Cooler

Sometimes the machine may demand more than just an inner wipe and cleaning. There may be a technical trouble, which you may not be able to manage yourself. Then you can call a technician specializing in evaporative AC repairs and maintenance to help out.

#Frequent Servicing Needed

You may be annoyed to learn that the evaporative air conditioner would need more maintenance and pampering than other ACs. But then again if you compare the utility of the machine too conventional ACs, you would see that using an evaporative AC always gives you fresh air provided it is maintained clean.

Conventional ACs rotates the same air inside the room again and again, and hence you do not get a gust of fresh air every time as you get with evaporative ACs. The air in evaporative ACs gets cooled naturally by use of water, whereas in conventional ACs you get artificially cooled recycled air.

Considering the advantages of  evaporative air conditioning service, it is worth investing a little more effort on them to get better quality air, than to bring in water and air borne diseases with the stale air.

Waiting for the machine to malfunction to prompt you to call for services is not a wise idea. To keep it in great working condition and to make sure that air coming out of it is safe for all members in the family or office, you must get it cleaned every few months.

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