Specifications Of Nissan Patrol Interior Accessories

Nissan patrol manufactures topnotch four-wheelers and features different innovative technologies in high-end models. The cars, SUV, trucks, Jeeps, of Nissan Patrol are known for their sturdiness and to withstand road and climate effects. You can go on adventure trip with any nissan patrol vehicle. The incorporation of technology in Nissan vehicles have made the cars more entertaining and easy to travel. They are useful, practical, and safer. Here are certain accessories of Nissan patrol along with their specifications that make it withstand the competition in the market of premium and luxury vehicle along with its sturdiness.

Nissan Patrol
Nissan Patrol

# Entertainment Accessory

Now you can experience entertainment on the go. The sizable instrument panel with navigation display monitor along with three different screens connects different sources of entertainment, video, and music. Even the passengers in the second row can easily enjoy gaming, movies with monitors and wireless headphones and they also have a remote control option. The premium sound system with sub woofers, speed-sensitive volume control offers a lot of entertainment quotient.

# Around View Monitor

Now even parking in the tight spot is easy with the around view monitor that uses four cameras to display bird’s eye view of the vehicle. Moreover, front and rear parking sensors alert you upon being close to other object. Besides, it also has a push button start feature. The smart key enables you to easily access your vehicle as with the help of this you can start your car from the distance. You can also precool your car with remote start option.

# Smart Cruise Control System

It helps in maintaining the appropriate distance by altering you visually and audibly. As the distance control assist can determine whether breaking is required or not. The cruise control adjusts the distance on the basis of the relative speed of the vehicle which is in front of your car while driving. On releasing the gas pedal, it automatically applies the brakes.

# Comfort Comes in Style

Customizable comfort, you can set mirrors, driver’s seat, multimedia, wheel, and climate control. Moreover, it features third row power seating. You can optimize the trunk space by adjusting the row with just a push of button. The curtain air vents along with upper vents make a current of cool air. It acts as a barrier to the penetrating heat. Additionally, dual climate control zone enables front and rear passengers to set the air conditioning levels as per their wish.

# Luggage Storage

With the versatile luxury, Nissan patrol interior accessories you can enjoy lavish space and comfort in all three rows. There is a flexibility mechanism in the seats that enables you to have a spacious rear luggage space and for that, you do not have to compromise on comfort level. Moreover, you can store, water bottles and drinks in the built-in cooler box, which is easily accessible by front and second row seats.

Nissan Patrol Interior Parts
Nissan Patrol Interior Parts

# Safety

It will protect you from the accidents, throughout your journey, better head protection, intelligent seat belts, and tyre alerts. The front seat active head restraints move upward in rear-end collisions and forward to help cushioning the head and provide safety from injuries. The pre-tensioners on the front seat belts tighten the belts automatically in frontal collisions. Moreover, tyre-horn while monitoring the easy-fill lets you know and blow horn or beeps when you reach the desired tyre pressure.

Hence, Nissan patrol interior accessories are high-end and power-packed offering comfort, luxury, safety, entertainment and other such features to the user. Therefore, these accessories are made with high-end technology and make Nissan patrol an advanced vehicle to use.


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