How to Operate Ziptrak Blinds?

For manual, hand-operated long-lasting ziptrak blinds, it is best to pirate the blind right from the center. This will ensure that the material of the blinds evenly roll out on the tube top. Some of the other tips to operate Ziptrak blinds are-

  • Some long-lasting ziptrak blinds are operated with the help of a motor. These blinds should not be used when the velocity of the wind is high as the motor faces a lot of difficulty moving the blind against the direction of the wind.
  • During windy seasons these blinds should be pulled right to the top or bottom of the window.
  • The blinds should not be rolled up during rainy seasons. If there is moisture inside the rolled-up blinds, corrosion attack can be noticed.
  • Long-lasting ziptrak blinds are always simple to operate. If the customer is finding it difficult to use it, you are just a call away from customer support and they will be very happy to help always.
Ziptrak Blinds
Ziptrak Blinds

# How to Clean Ziptrak Blinds?

If you want long-lasting ziptrak blinds, it must be cleaned and maintained properly and on regular basis. Some the tips for maintenance and cleaning include-

  • Using A Silicon Spray and A Plastic Cleaner
    After the Ziptrak blinds are installed, a little bit of silicon spray should be applied on the teeth of the zipper systems in these blinds. Also, this spray can be used if the user is not able to pull down and pull up the zip comfortably. A plastic cleaner called the VuPlex is an excellent option for cleaning Ziptrak blinds. This cleaner can be applied 2-3 weeks after installing the blind.
  • Maintaining with the Help of a Polish
    Using a cotton cloth to clean the blind is very important. If a coarse material is used, scratches can be formed on the material of the blinds. Also, polyester material should not be used to polish the blinds. This is because this material does not absorb the polish and streaks of stains are left behind.
  • Cleaning and Polishing Twice in A Year
    It is very important for the user to clean and polish the blinds once in 6 months. The cleaning should be done regularly because of the amount of dirt that gets accumulated on the blinds. Most of the people forget to clean them once in 6 months, which reduces the amount of maintenance work that has to be done in the future.
Ziptrak Blinds
Ziptrak Blinds

# Different Types of Ziptrak Blinds

Long-lasting ziptrak blinds are very famous in the market. One of the reasons why Ziptrak blinds are famous are the variety of blinds offered in the market. The different varieties available are-

  • Sunscreen Mesh
    This type of Ziptrak blinds are usually used to control the amount of light that enters a particular room. Also, different types of fabrics can be used as a sunscreen. These types include woven mesh as well. The density of the mesh and its transparency influences the UV protection that can be provided to a particular room.
  • Clear Tinted PVC
    This option is very popular among people because of the clear view it can provide to the people from the inside. Even the shades of the light that can enter into the room can be controlled with this type of long-lasting ziptrak blinds. Also, the seller will be able to provide valuable suggestions on what will suit a particular room.

The other types of Ziptrak blinds are classified based on the type of structure that is attached to the blinds. These include the pelmet, cast bracket with back flashing, and the cast bracket. One more type is the unique central lock release that secures the blind right at the bottom.

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