Proper Installation of Air Conditioner for Efficient Cooling

With the changing climate, everyone these days is considering adding air conditioning systems to his home. Air conditioner installation is time consuming. Proper steps need to be followed for its installation so that works efficiently for longer time. It is a time-consuming task.

Air Conditioning
Air Conditioning

# Keep This in Mind

There are certain things you must remember before the purchase and installation of air conditioning unit.

  • Calculation of the size of room to be cooled is important to get the perfect capacity of air conditioner.
  • Assessing the insulation value of the material used in construction is also necessary.
  • Ductwork should be evaluated to determine the amount of airflow the system is actually able to deliver.
  • Ensure that windows and frames where you’ll get the air conditioner installed are in good condition.

# Installation

  • It’s important to follow the manufacturer instructions.
  • Air conditioner should be installed securely. For these metal brackets, mounting rails etc should be used.
  • Metal brackets, interior angles must be fastened to the structure firmly. Walls must be strong enough to bear the size and weight of the air conditioner.
  • Leveling objects should be secured so that any kind of movement and shifting due to vibrations of air conditioners.
  • Air conditioner must be tilted accurately for proper drainage.
  • Nothing should be placed on the top of air conditioner unit.
  • Make sure no fire escape window or exit is blocked with air conditioning unit.
  • Air conditioning units are a clumsy object. You must handle them with care. Always keep the manufacturer manual handy while installation.

# Different Types, Different Installation

In window air conditioner installation things are little different than in case of split air conditioning system installation.

# Window Air Conditioner Installation

  • It is taken care that rear end is slightly lower than front end. This ensures that water drips from rear end.
  • It must be installed at a correct height. Best height considered is 3-4 feet from floor.
  • Proper ventilation should be there for window air-conditioner.
  • It must be away from heat source.
  • It should not be installed in area exposed to rain or direct sunlight.

# Split Air Conditioner Installation

  • Marks should be made as per wall bracket. The aluminum bracket that comes with the split air conditioner has the necessary holes and attachments.
  • Holes are drilled after removing the bracket.
  • A large hall is drilled on the wall for the passage of copper pipes. It connects the inner and outer units.
  • The indoor unit is securely mounted on the wall on the bracket. Thereafter drain pipe is connected to it and then passed through a hole already drilled. Outdoor unit being heavy should be handled with care and installed in open space to avoid hindrance of any kind Copper pipe connects the two units.
Air Conditioning System
Air Conditioning System

# The Wall for Split Air Conditioner Must be Strong.

  • The ideal height for its installation is 7-8 feet.
  • Outdoor unit must be placed on flat and rigid surface.
  • Distance between units must be appropriate.

What is important with any kind of air conditioner is to know that they consume a lot of power. Circuits should be checked beforehand to avoid any damage in future. Avoid using it with the circuit which already has heavy appliances running on it, like the refrigerator, vacuums etc. Cords should be rated for heavy current carrying capacity. Use of small cord is advisable. This will prevent potential damage. If your area is prone to power fluctuations then consider using a stabilizer with the air conditioner unit.

Apart from this air conditioner maintenance is also important. Getting the filters cleaned twice a year would be a good choice.

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