How to Find a Sturdy and Long-Lasting Pallet Racking

Pallets are extensively used in industries and warehouses for storing goods over a long period of time. Also, they are used to carry goods from one place to another safely. This increases the need for such pallets to be sturdy, convenient, spacious, and long lasting for efficient storage and transportation facilities. While there are numerous options available for different purposes, the idea is to choose the strongest yet functional option when it comes to storage in warehouses and inventory rooms of stores with quick turnover. Selective pallet racking is the most common types comprising of roll formed or structural pallet racking.

Pallet Racking System
Pallet Racking System

# Roll or Structural Pallet Racking

While roll pallets are lighter and adapt easily to weight of loads, structural pallets are stronger and rigid than the tear drop variant. While not as adaptable as the former, structural pallets are made of hot rolled structural channel steel wherein the horizontal load beams are attached to the uprights with bolts, giving them greater quality and weight-bearing capacity. This is thus a great option if you are looking for durable pallet racking for your warehouse.

# Advantages of Structural Pallets

The various features of a structural system which make them a preferred choice include the following:

  • The steel racks of hot rolled structural pallets are stronger to hold heavy loads. These structural channels are thus more abuse resistant and sturdy.
  • One can choose amongst a range of sizes, load capacities, and designs such as selective, drive-in, pallet flow, and push-back applications.
  • The fully bolted beam to frame connections makes it rigid and strong. This feature also enables it to be sturdy against beam dislodgement from any upward impact due to a pallet or forklift.
Pallet Racking
Pallet Racking

# Components of Selective Racks

The components and mechanism of this selective rack that make it a durable option include the following:

  1. Uprights
    The uprights or upright frames are formed by roll forming flat coil stock steel into a modified C shape with returns. These uprights have a great weight capacity than roll formed uprights.
  2. Timber Decking
    Available as slated and close boarded, timber decking provides great support and durability. While the slated system is designed with rows of timber for a permanent pallet, the close boarded decking acts as solid flooring to a level of racking.
  3. Guard Rails
    When steps or pallets are required to be attached to pallet racks, guard rails are used to increase the protection for upright columns, making it convenient for the person operating it.
  4. Footplates
    Footplates at the base of columns provide stability to the rack by acting as an anchor. Since these are made of thicker steel they increases the overall stability and capacity to bear weight of the pallet rack.
  5. Shims
    In case the uprights are resting on an uneven floor, shims that are equal in size to the base of the uprights can be installed to level the rack.

All these features, components, and aspects of selective racks, especially structural racks make them a highly convenient option when it comes to durability and sturdiness. While these are a recommended option, there are various other options as well that you can choose from. Make sure that you get them only from a reputed seller to ensure sound quality of the product. The products from a trusted seller would further boost the shelf-life of the pallets which is an important factor for the big warehouses and storage areas. You can search online for various sellers providing the product in the market and can further contact their professionals for guidance on the choice of selection.

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