Mini Skip Hires Keep Your Homes and Offices Clean and Healthy

Domestic households and commercial spaces have to be kept clean, green, and dust free. Human activities have a serious impact on natural resources, and large amounts of rotting garbage have their own negative consequences on the environment. Keeping the neighborhoods clean and attractive is the job of every right minded citizen, and bin bags play a significant role in the garbage disposal. Modern households generate high volumes of rubbish, and they can be disposed-off by small or bulk skips. Local companies have the capacity to recycle large amounts of garbage, as long as the residents collect them in 2 to 4 yards mini skip hire services from the local company not only saves costs but also ensures rapid disposal of all types and sizes of domestic and commercial waste products.

What Is a Mini Skip?

A mini skip is a waste container with an open top, and it is manufactured using new or recycled iron or steel. The skip has a unique trapezoid design as it has to be loaded on to specialized truck or lorry for disposal at the dump site or recycling depot. The containers are very sturdy and durable, and they can even withstand rough use by truckers and laborers. The mini skip can conveniently hold 20 to 25 bin bags of rubbish, and they are usually replaced by empty skips when the truck arrives for collection. The skips themselves are very heavy, and the bulky ones are more suitable for construction or demolition sites. Domestic and commercial operators, however, supply small sized containers known as mini skip hire companies to assure that the 2 yard skips are an ideal solution for disposing of household garbage such as dirt, kitchen leftovers, grease, dust, empty tins, wood, rubber, furniture, and garden waste. Mini skips should not be dumped with hazardous materials such as fuel, oils, batteries, tires, chemicals, computer and electronic parts.

Bin Hire
Bin Hire

Mini Skip Facts And Figures

Large or small sized mini skips have the capacity to hold 20 to 40 bin bags of garbage. The rubbish inside the skip containers rarely spills over as it is very spacious, sturdy, and stable. The following facts and figures have to be considered by customers who are interested in mini skip hire services.

  • Mini Skips are steel or iron containers for loading non-hazardous waste materials.
  • The open skips are more suitable for household garbage as they are easier to load.
  • The skip loader lorry or truck arrives at the door step for removal and replacement.
  • The lower capacity 2 yard mini skip is 3 feet wide and its length and height are 4 feet and 2 feet respectively.
  • The 4 yard mini skip is 3 feet 2 inches wide and its length and height are 6 feet and 3 feet 2 inches respectively.

Advantages of Mini Skip Hire

The world is threatened by climate change and global warming, and the citizens are in need to recycle all waste products. Household garbage has to be disposed of in a systematic manner using high quality bin bags and robust mini skips. The rubbish containers are reliable, and they have the following significant advantages –

  • Mini skips are specially designed to hold large amounts of garbage that are regularly produced in households or gardens.
  • They can be effective in disposing of waste products generated by small scale activities or Do It Yourself (DUI) projects.
  • Customers can hire two types known as the 2 yard or 4 yard mini skips.
  • Business or trade waste can also be reduced using the larger 4 yard skip.
  • Hire services guarantee quick disposal within 24 to 36 hours of request.
  • Pollution and environmental damage can be offset by conscientious citizens

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