All You Want To Know About Exposed Aggregate

We all want our homes and offices to look beautiful and go to great extent to spend on these things. There are numerous things available out there to make our homes beautiful and attractive for onlookers. In this regard exposed aggregate is a style of concrete where the aggregates such as pebbles, small stones and other such things are used to provide a smooth finish to the concrete. Exposed aggregate helps to add a visual interest to the overall surface because of the random colors and designs. This is a practical and a cost-effective way to give a new look to the old and new concrete works.

Exposed Aggregate
Exposed Aggregate

Adds Strength to the Construction

Apart from adding an appealing look to the overall construction, the exposed aggregate also helps to provide the main characteristic to the concrete and that is its strength. All of this is possible in the least expensive way. All the positive sides of an aggregate make it a popular option for many people across different places. As it is hardwearing, there are many offices that opt for these aggregates in common places such as footpaths, traffic areas, sidewalks, driveways, patios, pool decks and so on. These can also be used on vertical applications such as building facades and decorative walls. Apart from making all these areas look attractive, exposed aggregate helps to add more strength to the construction.

Here Are Some More Reasons Why It Is a Popular Choice Nowadays:

  • The surface becomes rugged and as a result, there are less slipping hazards after using these on new and existing constructions.
  • Practically, there are numerous colors and texture options out there that allow for customizing the looks in the construction. There is an exception of cleaning and sealing the finish but overall there is very low maintenance that you can expect in a long run.
  • Exposed aggregate is also resistant to harsh climate and so a favorite choice for people who live in areas with a harsh climate.
  • When compared to the other methods, in this one there are fewer tools required and so it becomes a favorite choice for people who want to get their work done in lesser cost and get more out of it. As it takes fewer tools to complete the overall project, it also takes less time and hassles to complete the project.
  • There are numerous other decorative concrete options available out there but it takes time to master most of them. However, it is not the case with exposed aggregate because it is comparatively easy to master and get this installed.
  • This has been a popular choice for many projects from the easy 20 century. However, till this day it has been a popular choice and there are numerous new designs and possibilities that most are trying out their hands on.
Exposed Aggregate

Surface Dressing Technique

Surface dressing is one of the most common techniques used. In this approach there are stone gravels, crushed glass, quartzite, shells, decorative stones and so on are seeded onto the freshly applied cement. This is an ideal approach for small projects such as the garden footpaths and patios.

Washed to Expose Technique

In order to expose the aggregates, the fresh concrete is washed. Especially, the fines of cement are stripped away to reveal the needed aggregate. This approach is preferred in many commercial settings for heavy duty applications.

There are numerous reasons why people opt for exposed aggregate in home and office, but you need to make sure that you carefully consider your personal needs in order to make an informed decision and get the best out of your project.

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