Incorporating Glass In New Kitchen Designs

These days, all sorts of cabinets in the kitchen are not meant only for storing food or kitchen-based items. It is treated as a unique element of new kitchen designs. Even though there are not many changes in kitchen cabinets, they have still been evolving over time.

New Kitchen Designs

Some of the different types of kitchen cabinets that are seen in the kitchen:

1. The Peninsula Cabinets

This is one such type of cabinet that divides the cooking space in the kitchen with the other space. This type of cabinets can be accessed from three sides. Even though these cabinets are practical excellent for storage, most of the homeowners confess that they feel closed off in the kitchen. To overcome this closed off feeling, one can add glass-front cabinets that allow light to enter.

2. Cabinets Made of Oak Wood

Some of the new kitchen designs are moving toward cabinets made of oak wood. This type of cabinets was the fad back in the 1970s and 1990s. The reason why this has become attractive is that of its unique texture and dimensions, neutral colors, and a soft luxury feel that is created. The other reason for the popularity of these oak cabinets are its high preference because of its versatility, simplicity, or the rugged look.

Design is not just what it looks and feels like. Design is how it works.” – Steve Jobs

3. Frameless Glass Cabinets

One more type of cabinets that is making waves in the new kitchen designs segment is the frameless glass cabinet. These just have one sheet of glass in the front of the cabinet. This type of cabinets is not available freely for new kitchen designs. Hence, one must exercise a lot of patience while looking for this type of cabinets. Decorative glass can be used.  Even though they are slightly expensive, but they yet add a level of grandeur to the cabinets and provide a fresh new outlook to the kitchen cabinets.

New Kitchen Designs

4. Custom Colored Cabinets

Most of the homeowners are looking for custom colored cabinets for their new kitchens. Homeowners usually seek out different colors that make the cabinets outstanding. If a custom-made cabinet is ordered, the customer can choose any color he/she wants. For pre-existing cabinets, they can be painted with a professional painter or some extensive DIY painting can be used.

5. Cabinets with Sliding Glass

Most of the new kitchen designs these days come with cabinets that have a sliding glass. These kinds of cabinets were a hit in the 1970s and have made a grand entry in the kitchen design market. The glass usually slides on the top of a recessed railing, which allows two sheets of glass to slide back and forth.

6. Clean Aesthetics

Clean aesthetics have influenced the design of cabinets in new kitchen designs. Many interior decorators have predicted that this trend will continue beyond 2018. Some of the new kitchen designs contain cabinets that are free from detailed design work. This provides a fresh outlook on the kitchen cabinets.

7. Lighting Under Cabinets

The world is moving over from traditional lighting to LED lighting. Since the LED lights come in different colors, they are very bright and act as excellent lighting under the cabinets. The other options for lighting include fluorescent fixtures, Xenon lights, halogen lights, and incandescent bulbs. However, most of the new homeowners prefer LED lights because of their ability to give out less heat.

All the styles discussed above defines a clear indication that the kitchen cabinetry has evolved into a unique piece of interior decoration. This is due to a radical change in preference and technology that has given rise to these unique styles.

So, if you are planning to build a new home or renovate your kitchen, go ahead and let your imagination run wild to get your preferred kitchen cabinet.


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