Make Your Wall Attractive With Exceptional Foam Cladding

Are you in search of a beautifully textured wall? Are you looking for both beauty and safety features for the walls? If so, cladding is the key to it that offers both creative unique textures as well as protects your wall against damages. How about giving a new look to your house? Let your neighbors envy you. With the cladding, you can have the best maintained house locally.

What Is Foam Cladding?                      

Foam cladding is the process of treating the walls thermally. It makes the walls internally insulated, protects them, and on top, also used for decorative purpose. This exterior decoration is done with the help of polystyrene, mineral wool, phenolic foam, and covered with a layer of cement or plaster. Its thickness depends on the nature of its requirement.

The process of cladding is divided into two steps:

  • First, an insulating layer is applied that helps perform thermal functions.
  • Secondly, the insulation is hidden behind a protective weatherproof finish, like decorative tiles, boards, etc.
Foam Cladding
Foam Cladding

How Does Foam Cladding Help You?

You must be wondering why foam cladding is suggested most often? What makes it so important? To think logically, everything happens for a reason. Similarly, foam cladding too has its own importance. They are as follows:

  • Foam cladding sheets consist of light weight perforated panels. Its less weight makes it easy to carry. While installation and cleaning too, you need not require much effort.
  • The foam wall cladding consists of in-built thermal attributes. This provides high level of insulation. Foam cladding, if applied for exterior purpose, is a great method to save energy. It reduces the temperature and keeps the rooms cool in summer and warm in winter. Also, it helps save on electricity bills!
  • Installing foam cladding in your house will prevent ants or termites from entering the house. It is resistant to white ants, rodents and other kinds of bacteria.
  • Foam clad walls have non-combustible properties. You can be safe in your house as there is less chance of getting fire into the house.
  • Expanded foam cladding sheets are extremely flexible to be attached to any surface. Since it is adjustable to any location, size and shape, hence you can decorate it in numerous designs.
  • The foam cladding sheets have a water and vapor boundary within it. This consistency of water and vapor in right amount maintains its shape and size.

How Can You Use Cladding On Walls?

When you find an opportunity to turn your walls from dull to vibrant, do you sit back with folded arms? Obviously, you seek for the various designs available that can be tried out. Here are a number of options for foam cladding used to decorate walls.

  • Natural Stone Cladding
    Bringing a rustic look to your home makes it very attractive. Although it looks natural stilldiverse color patterns can be used to make it ever more beautiful. When you feature the same stone in the bathroom walls, it syncs with a large mirror in the centre of the wall and increases its impact factore more. Also, one can use stones like granite, limestone, sandstone or customized stones for this purpose.
  • Timber Cladding
    Timber adds to the warmth and glory of the house. The effect of sophisticated timber can be manufactured in various shapes and sizes. You can also add a grainy effect to it. Timber helps in lessening moisture in the rooms.
  • Tile Cladding
    Vibrant colors, shapes and sizes of the tiles have made it popular in the market. Polished finish, metallic lustre, soft tones, and fine boards are a trade mark of tile cladding. It is simple yet elegant.
  • Textured Wallpaper
    Choose any type of texture you like and fix it to the walls. It is old school and fascinating. For finishing touch, use metallic sleeks or diversified color tones.
  • Panel Cladding
    If you like the gentle flowing pattern or handmade coconut tiles panel cladding is the best suited. It can either be put up by metal coating or can be painted.

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