Why Would You Use LED Globes?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live without lights in our homes at night? What would it be like to live in the dark? Hard to imagine isn’t it. Then why live with less coherent ones when efficient ones are available at affordable rates. LED (Light Emitting Diodes) is your knight in the shiny armor. These devices come in various sizes and shapes, and you can purchase them according to your requirement. They are easy to install and easier to maintain.

Why would you choose LED lighting system?

LEDs are keys to sustainable living. LEDs have multiple benefits. They last 10 times longer than CFLs and bulbs. Bulbs have filament which could break with fluctuating voltages but LEDS are built without filament. It doesn’t even heat up. If we are to talk in terms of power efficiency, LED globes rules it. Since it doesn’t use up much power, you can even connect them with solar energy. When it is encased inside diffuser lenses, it spreads light in wider beams. Light spread by LEDs is directional whereas light is spread spherically by incandescent bulbs.

LED Globes
LED Globes

Variety available in Market

LED globes come in different sizes and shapes, even some funky shapes. Most common styles obtainable in LEDS are as follows:

  • Diffused Bulbs: They are basically used to spread light in wider dimensions. They are mainly used to lighten reading lamps, hallways, rooms, porches and many others where light needs to be switch on for longer periods. Now you can find some LED globes and LED panel lights for your outdoor areas and you can easily cover large areas such as garden, patio and outdoor lawn with these LED lights.
  • Flood Reflectors: These lights are basically broad-beamed and are used for home improvement purpose. They are used to highlight certain angles of the house on the outside to promulgate/advertise the housing.
  • LED Tube Lights: Tube lights are long and thin. They have extended life time and less power consumption than the conventional tube lights. They vary from 8 Watts to 16 Watts.
  • Dimmable LED Globes: you can install these lights in your dressing table. These Globes have power consumption of 10 Watts, but its output is equivalent to a bulb with 40 Watts power consumption. Globes can be dimmed from 100% till 10% and are able to brighten wider area as its beam angle is 200 degrees.
  • Flame Tip: Flame Tips are the fanciest one in the list. They are used to decorate chandeliers. They are also known as Candelabra LEDs. They draw power about nearly 3.5 Watts.
LED Globes
LED Globes

Things to consider before buy the LED lights

  • Lumen is unit of measurement. It describes the quantity of light present in the observation area that is being perceived by human eye. Light will be brighter with increasing number of lumens. When you are comparing different bulbs, you should consider lumens instead of Watts. Lumens inform you about how bright that bulb is. It is mentioned on the sides of box of the bulb.
  • You can easily install the LED lights in your rooms without any technical help. But it is suggested to check the warranty level of the LED globes or lights before buying. Most of the reputed LED lights company can provide you one to two years warranty on their products.
  • Today, you can buy the LED globes and lights from online portals, and you easily choose the best LED lights after reading their customer reviews and features from online stores.

Next time you think about brightening any corner of your house, think about LED globes. They come in different colors (Red, Green, Blue, White, Amber) as well. They are being used to brighten large-fields sports stadiums. So, switch to LED lights today.

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