Things to Know About White Fascinators

A fascinator is a hair accessory worn by women on special occasions. It can usually be mistaken for a bandana or a head gear, but it is more similar to a hat. It typically has an extensive decorative head accessory designed with feathers, laces, bows and flowers with a band to attach it to the head. The fascinators originated in London in the 1900’s and have continued to be part of formal dressing till today. You can still find some white fascinators in the wedding ceremony and women love to wear them with their wedding gown.

How to wear a white fascinator properly?

A proper hairstyle is a must and if the fascinator goes all around your head then you can tie your hair with some messy bun. If the fascinator is only of one side, you can emphasize it with a running braid on that side. Just not sure which category your white fascinator is? Then don’t worry. Just do the go-to free hair, it helps if the hair is bouncy, light and wavy. It is not advisable to have multi colored hair or complicated hairstyles while wearing a white fascinator. And make sure to secure them properly with pins or head bands. Use a hair spray if needed.

White Fascinators
White Fascinators

Trending styles

Once white fascinators were restricted to fluid satins or mesh net and shining pearls but now they have evolved greatly to suit the trends of the fashion industry. Today metallic based silver cum white fascinators are gaining more popularity because of their correct blend of tradition and trend. Today, you can find them online and you can also customize them according to your needs.

Fascinator in a white wedding

Getting married? Have you planned your outfit from top to bottom in pristine white? Then you can choose a white fascinator with your wedding gown.  It sets the elegant vibe to the occasion. Fascinators are not only restricted to the bride, but also extends to the bridesmaids, mother of bride and the wedding guests. The bride wears a white fascinator, whereas the bridesmaids often wear colorful ones to set a vibrant tone. Traditionally the mother of the bride wears a huge fascinator. Fascinators add personalities to the outfit and sometimes are specific to the roles in a wedding. It paints a picture of a royal wedding. A wedding is one of the few places along with racing where fascinators are worn for tradition rather than as a fashion trend.

Few things to remember when you wear a white fascinator

When it comes to occasions like weddings, a dress code and etiquette is always important and sometimes even mandatory. So here are a few things to remember while wearing a white fascinator.

White Fascinators
White Fascinators
  • It should not outweigh the rest of your outfit or make your head look small. You must design the fascinator according to your face type, and you can contact your stylist for more information in this regard.
  • You don’t want to be disappointed just before your wedding.  So always try on the fascinator with the entire outfit beforehand.
  • Don’t choose something that is too congested and may overshadow your face.  Remember you have to be the star of your special day. Always choose a well fitted fascinator for your wedding party and you must take helps to fit the fascinator in your head.
  • Instead of restricting your options to a pure white fascinator, you can also try adding shades of cream or ivory or even a dab of metal to make it more interesting.

So, the next time you wear one, make sure to keep the above things in mind and fascinate the crowd with your fascinator. To choose the best white fascinators, you can search them online.

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