How the Motorised Awnings Work and Reasons to Purchase Them?

Be it for a commercial purpose or for your house, motorized awnings are being purchased by many. The first reason for any individual to buy awnings is because of the shelter they provide. These awnings either come in retractable version or manual version. Some awnings are portable and can be carried anywhere during outdoor family get together. Besides the cost, these awnings largely vary, based on the type you’re choosing from. They have several benefits which make it all the way more popular.

Motorised Awnings
Motorised Awnings

How do motorised awnings work?

For beginners it might seem a little uncomfortable to get along with the motorised awnings. The working of the awning is as easy as it can be, till you get along with the mechanism hidden behind it. The working of the awning is as follows:

First, it is the motor with which you need to become familiar with. Improved technology used in today’s awnings can open awnings of any size and shape with minimal effort. The size being compact can leave a large impression. The motor is fixed inside the roller which is connected with a wire at one end and the other end of the wire is fitted into the plug socket.

You must call an electrician to fix the entire wire setting to ensure safety. Once you switch on the plug, the motor will start to function, and it will create wind which will result in opening the large awning cover. The cover opens on its own as you switch on the power and closes on its own if you switch off the power.

Second to the motor, are the arms that are attached to the awnings! Mostly the arms are made up of aluminium so that they can withstand harsh weather conditions. Small awnings have two aluminium arms while the larger ones have three. These arms are connected with a joint at the centre. When the motor starts working, these arms start opening up. These arms are kept in place using chains in between. These two; i.e. the motor and the arms are the only two things that keep the motor going. Once you get accustomed with the working, using these awnings will be your forte.

Motorised Awnings
Motorised Awnings

Motorised Awnings for Commercial Purposes

Rarely do people consider buying motorised awnings for commercial purpose or to enhance the look of their office buildings. But reports have stated that these awnings can actually boost the market value if used properly. Reasons to buy these awnings are:

  • Awnings have the capacity to boost the visual appearance of the building by giving it an attractive and fresh look.
  • Awnings can be used for advertising purpose too. You can personalize your own awning by printing your company’s logo, name, motto and contact details on it. Make the designs catchy so that it attracts the attention of the onlookers.
  • Awnings save your electricity bills as they are masters at providing shelter from the scorching heat and rays of the sun during summers thus keeping the temperature of the interior of the building low.
  • With these awnings, you can arrange outdoor seating arrangements for your clients and colleagues. Doing so, you can even organize outdoor meetings and workshops.
  • Awnings come in different materials. You can easily change the material of the awnings depending on the weather type. During winter you can put on a tough material to protect from the snow and a waterproof shelter during monsoons.

Motorised Awnings can benefit you in several ways. They can provide you with shade, pleasure, and business. These awnings are widely used in places including restaurant, public places, café, the backyard of your house, etc.

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