7 Basic Ways to Prevent Blocked Drains

The foul smell everywhere near your home along with a lot of nasty stuff outside is basically due to the problem of blocked drains. Your life can be a living hell if you come face to face with a blocked drain.

You will not be able to go to your office and you even won’t be able to do the daily chores or take a natural call. You will feel restless and nothing will help you out till the plumber comes. Usually, the blockage of drains happens because of the toilet paper, oil, grease, vegetables and other things in your drainage which collects at a point and creates a blockage in the pipes or drains.

To avoid this drastic situation below are some given tips if you follow then you will not face the blocked drain problems and your life will run smoothly without interruption and foul smells.

Blocked Drains
Blocked Drains

Stop putting oil and grease in your kitchen sink

If you put milk or clean water in your drain pipe then your pipe will comfortably allow these type of liquids to pass but when it comes to oil, grease, or any similar material, it will not pass through easily and will solidify with time and accumulate when it goes down in the pipe and will not move if not flushed with pressure. So, collect waste oil and grease in a box and don’t drain it in your kitchen sink. It will be better to throw it in the garbage bin instead.

Stop putting waste food and other garden things in sink

People usually put waste food items like vegetables, bread, and other things down the drain pipes which creates a blocked drain. So, to avoid the collection of waste at one place make sure that you don’t put waste in sink drains as well as pour hot water after using the sink to prevent blockage.

Don’t flush toilet papers

Are you using your flush as a wastebasket? People usually flush all waste materials which do not decompose easily so as a result all the material gets collected at a point and creates a big problem to you. It causes a blocked drain with an unpleasant smell which will spoil all your day.

Catch hair before they reach to drain pipes

If all hair one by one accumulates at a place, then they create blocked drains. Usually, our hair goes along with soap water and down in the drain pipes so to avoid this situation you have to collect all your hair before they go down to the pipes.

Blocked Drains
Blocked Drains

Teach your child to maintain the drainage

Usually children throw whatever they find in drain. Sometimes they even put expensive things and usually they put all their toys down the drain pipes which creates drain blockage so to avoid the situation you have to teach the importance of the drainage system to your child so that they will learn not to put the things in a drainage system.

Don’t grow trees near the drainage pipes

The roots of the trees grow below the soil which spreads all over the drainage pipes thus creating a serious drainage problem and can’t be solved on your own. This can also create a leakage problem to the pipes so to avoid these circumstances you should not grow trees near to drainage pipes.

Don’t rinse cement, soil or grout in drain pipes

Usually contractors of the constructions put all cement, soil and grout in the drain pipes which gets solidified when it goes down the pipe and creates problem in your drainage system. So, remember that you and your contractor should not rinse cement or grout in drain pipes.

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