The Continuously Improving and Changing the Dental Industry

The dental industry has been continuously changing and having huge transformations since the beginning. There have been more hygienic and safer methods introduced over time. As the knowledge and study of oral health are increasing so better equipment, have also been invented to ensure the patient has a more pleasant as well as painless dental experience.


Some equipment used by dentists:

This high-tech equipment has greatly improved the dental experience of the patient as well as gave a dentist the ability to diagnose more effectively and treat the oral conditions of the patient. Today’s dental procedures are more safe and painless than the previous methods. The most common equipment of modern dentistry is electric drills, lasers, brushes, and x-rays. The equipment that a dentist utilizes today is:

  • CEREC CAD/CAM technology.
  • Soft tissue lasers.
  • Digital Radiography.
  • Intraoral cameras.
  • 3D study models using a jaw simulator.
  • Surgical microscopes used in root canal treatment.

Things to know about different dental equipments:

These were the common tools that modern dentists use whereas the top modern dental equipment consists of:

  • Velscope –

It is a special type that is used by a dentist to detect any abnormalities. This technology can help in detecting early forms of cancer. Apart from that, a dentist can also identify the bacterial infections through this process and they can treat their patients with better medications.

  • Invisalign –

These are partially invisible or clear braces that gently straighten the teeth. It prevents the need for wearing heavy metal braces that cover the teeth and are easy to take out as well and do not restrict any food.

  • Digital X-Rays –

Unlike traditional x-rays the digital x-rays contain less radiation (90% less). The image appears on the computer screen within seconds after the x-ray is done. A dentist then zooms into the image to analyze the oral health.

  • Laser Dentistry –

These are used eliminate discomfort and improve efficiency in various dental procedures such as filling cavities, getting rid of tumors, reducing tooth sensitivity and whitening. This process is fast as well as painless and also eliminates all bacteria during the process.

  • Sedation Dentistry –

This method is being utilized by numerous dentists as it is effective as well as safe. Unlike traditional sedation which requires needles, oral sedation doesn’t require any needles and the patient also has a conscious state and can respond to the dentist. This is a very reliable method for those patients who have dental anxiety or fear dentists.

  • Air Abrasion –

It is a developed method of the drill through which precise removal of the decayed teeth is done. This method doesn’t need the use of anesthetic. The method uses blasts of air pellets and aluminum oxide to treat cavities and other teeth problems.

  • Implants –

These are used for replacement of root portion of missing teeth. A dentist uses screw implants to restore the smiles of patients who have missing teeth. They also give the patient a look and feel of a natural tooth.

  • Zoom Whitening –

It is an amazing whitening treatment that gives the patients easy and fast treatments. In just one visit, zoom whitening can make the patient’s teeth whiter up to eight shades and improve the smile.

  • Intraoral Camera –

It helps the dentists in getting well defined and precise pictures of places inside the patient’s mouth. The patient can also see the pictures while a dentist shows and educates the patient.

  • NTI-TSS Devise-

It is used for patients who have migraine headaches and TMD issues. It prevents the need for invasive surgery. It can adjust to fit the teeth and is very effective in reducing pains.

So if you suffer from any dental issue then you need to consult with a dentist and make sure that the dentists have all above equipments in their chamber.

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