What To Look For When Buying A Wine Fridge?

Most wine lovers across the world generally love to store their best wine at home as well. Wine, if not preserved correctly, may turn into vinegar, which is why a wine fridge is best to stock up expensive wines for years to come. Wine lovers often look out for a wine fridge to fit their budget. With most resale stores opening a shop online, you could easily grab the best deal with a little bit of research. Right from small storage units to larger shelves, racks and UV-protected glass, there are many features which you must consider before you buy a wine fridge. The price of the fridge and the carrying and cooling capacity can be decided after considering your preference for wine bottles and sizes.

Tips to Consider While Picking Up a Wine Fridge

Built and Material: Always judge the material with which your wine fridge is made. The motor should be strong, the body should have UV filtered glass to protect heat and sunlight to penetrate and maintain the temperature inside. Whether you buy a wine cooler or a fridge with a single or dual zone, you must check the hinges and also whether the fridge is built in a sturdy manner. Stainless steel frames and glass doors are common, but with many companies, you can also customize your option.  The racks should be strong and easy to operate. Check the compressor. You can also go for vibration free thermo-electric ones.

Size: When you are looking for a wine fridge, you will come across a wide variety of fridges in different sizes. If you are looking for a wine fridge for your home, you are most likely to place it in your living room or kitchen. For domestic use, it’s best to opt for small sized wine fridges which are space-saving and also match the décor of your house.

Mobility: The wine fridge you buy for your home should be easy to move as well. Go for the freestanding ones that can fit into any enclosures and can be easily moved around your house. You should also have the freedom of moving your wine fridge away from sunlight as the sun changes its course with the seasons. If you want to buy a small fridge with a trolley and wheel system that can be moved from place to place, then that can also be a good option when it comes to buying a wine fridge.

Features: When browsing through a collection of wine fridge, an important factor to look out for is the features offered.  Are you looking for a single zone wine cooler or a dual zone one? Dual zone wine fridges are best for storing multiple types of wine that require different temperatures for storage.  Is display a priority for you? If yes some wine fridges come with features that also include a glass display door to showcase your wine collection.

Quality and Technology: When buying your wine fridge, quality and technology is something you cannot ignore. Your wine fridge must be manufactured with the latest of technology and must have the stamp of quality check. Quality is also judged by the finishing, design, and colour of your wine fridge.

No matter which wine fridge you choose to store your wine collection, do ensure you go for the best, and your cooler maintains the temperature your wine prefers mostly between 46°F and 66°F(12-18°C for red and white wine) for long periods, and bottles of different shapes and sizes can fit in with ease. You can now easily choose wine fridge from e-commerce portals also. You can buy after checking all latest features and then comparing the prices.

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