All You Need to Know About Concrete Saw Cutting Blades

Concrete is one of the most versatile materials used for construction purposes. It can be molded into any shape and size; it is also suitable for flooring and building pillars and walls as well. It is one of the most popularly used materials in construction because is strong and sturdy in nature. Also, it works well for heavy duty waterproof construction. However, even cement has the tendency to crack and shrink from the inside out or vice-versa if not cut into appropriate shapes.

It is important to be careful while cutting the concrete as they help in creating joints. This is also done for space control which is predetermined so that the cracking caused due to shrinkage and expansion can be under control.

Cutting concrete is a tough job but it is not impossible. Concrete saw cutting process is a good way to cut concrete into desired shape and size with the help of a concrete saw. They have sharp blades which are able to cut concrete in no time and with minimum effort. The main objective of a concrete saw cutting is to help in avoiding cracks before the cuts are actually formed.

Concrete Saw Cutting
Concrete Saw Cutting

There are different blades that are used in concrete saw for cutting and the selection of blade depends upon the mix of the concrete, temperature, and type.

  • Abrasive Corundum Masonry Blades – Such blades are used for shallows cuts and they are mostly inexpensive. Basically, used for shallow cuts, they can cut through concrete, asphalt, and stucco. They might be affordable and easily available, but they are not very fast. Thus, they make the process time-consuming. They also have a tendency to wear out slowly but steadily. As said earlier that they are economical if you want to make shallow concrete saw cutting thus, it is a very cheap investment but useful for small cuts.
  • Diamond blades – Such bladed are made of metal but have diamond composites on the perimeter of the blade. This way they give fine and fresh cuts with extremely sharp edges. They are expensive but it sure will outlast at least a dozen abrasive blades. However, it is worth the money only if you have to cut a number of concrete slabs.

They are of two types:

Concrete Saw Cutting
Concrete Saw Cutting
  • Dry-cutting diamond blades – They mostly have an uneven rim which makes them cool down after cutting and also helps eject waste easily. They are used for making deep concrete saw cuttings and allow the blade to penetrate slowly but steadily into the concrete, making the required deep cut, without overheating the blade. On the downside of the cutting, you will see the dust passing down like a tornado while the cutting takes place. Thus, it is advisable to work with all openings covered.
  • Wet-cutting diamond blades – For this type of concrete saw cutting, a constant flow of water is required while making the cut. Such type of saw has a smooth surface around the perimeter of the blade. However, for such saw to work and function properly, they have to be made in such a way that they distribute water and also perform without any interruptions and safely. Water acts like a lubricant and cools down the blade, avoiding overheating of the blade. Cutting through this blade is fast and easy. It is advised to provide small jet sprays of water while cutting so that the saw can function efficiently.

Concrete saw cutting, as mentioned earlier, is not an easy task. This it is advised to hire a professional to do such type of job for you.

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