How to Choose the Right Packing Box?

Moving from one place to another is already a big hassle. Packing your stuff like utensils, valuables, clothes etc. is probably one of the most important things to do when moving. If you don’t choose a good quality-packing box, there might be a chance you will damage your stuff.  You want to make sure your belongings are extra safe when moving from one place to another and getting a good quality-packing box is the way to go about that!

Packing Box
Packing Box

The key element here would be finding the right packing box for your need in terms of size, storage, length and width. You can choose from wooden, paper and steel or aluminum boxes depending on the items you have. If you are using chemical goods, then you need to use boxes with certain safety requirements and ratings.

Choosing The Right Boxes and Their Transportation is Equally Important

It can also depend upon how far is the distance between the places you lived to where you are moving. If it’s a short distance then an inexpensive good quality packing box would do but if it’s a longer distance and it contains fragile stuff then you need to invest in a good and sturdy packing box like a thicker cardboard material. It might look like you have solved your problem in the short run but if things go haywire there might be your fragile or sentimental items will be damaged so it’s always better to be safe than sorry and purchase new moving boxes.

Here are Categories of Packing Boxes Differentiated on Basis of Their Sizes and Functionality

Packing Box
Packing Box
  1. 5 Cubic Foot Packing Box: This box can safely carry up to 60 pounds although it is advisable to keep it under 50 pounds and is great for packing books, kitchen items, lamps, shades, fragile and small appliances.
  2. 0 Cubic Foot Packing Box: It is ideal for packing pots, pans, electronics and clothes and carry upto 65 pounds. The dimensions are roughly 18x18x16.
  3. 5 Cubic Foot Packing Box: The dimensions are 18x18x24 and carry upto 65 pounds. It is ideal for larger or taller lamps and kitchen appliances and linen. You can use them even to store your linen goods and medium-sized kitchen appliances especially when you relocate.
  4. 0 Cubic Foot Packing Box: This can carry upto 70 pounds and can be used for storing pillows, cushions, blankets and toys. However if overstuffed the packing box becomes heavy and might come apart so moderation is key. The dimensions of this box is roughly 22x22x21.5
  5. 1 Cubic Foot Packing Box: This is usually used to fit objects that would not fit length wise in a 6.0 cubic foot packing box. This box is a rectangular shape. It can be used to store comforters and cushions.
  6. Hanging Wardrobe Packing Box: These come in various sizes from small to large are used to store clothes and delicate items which you can’t pack flat or need to be hanging.
  7. Lay Down Wardrobe Packing Box: This is ideal for packing for packing clothes. It cannot hold a lot of heavy weight. As the name suggests, this is ideal for keeping your wardrobe neat and clean.
  8. Dish Packing Box: These are good for packing glasses, cups, utensils or wine & liquor bottles. Do not overpack this packing box.
  9. Mattress Packing Box: This is specifically designed for your mattress to be packed. Although your packer will provide you with an option to pack it in plastic bags, which is a cheaper alternative but, there are chances that it will be punctured or damaged. It comes in various sizes to fit your queen to king size bed.

So get packing and move into your new dream home without a hassle!

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