What Is Home Rendering And Why Render Your Home?

Home rendering is one of the techniques used to protect buildings. A mixture of sand, cement, or some other lime mixture is used to coat the entire building. Home rendering is found to be done in buildings which are old. It is also done during any kind of renovation or it may be simply done to avoid certain problems regarding the building.

The buildings are under constant attack from the weather and after a few years the brick face becomes weathered and eroded and efflorescence can occur, where the minerals inside the brick start to seep outside.

Home Rendering
Home Rendering

Home rendering solutions are the companies offering total renovation of the building, following the above-mentioned technique. These companies are gaining heavy attention in the construction field and with time, demand for these are increasing.

Why Render A Home?

  • Protection From Weather – The never-ending rains and the hard storms along with some other weather issues always have a bad effect on the exterior build of our buildings. Rendering ensures the protection of the brick and other inner materials as they are now coated.
  • Getting Rid of Damps – The water outside, when exposed to the buildings for a prolonged time, tend to enter the interior and cause damp. This damping phenomenon has been a problem for households since long. But the proper rendering of exterior saves the building from being damp.
  • A Beautiful Look – At some point in time one may feel his/her house has become old and the look is not good enough to create the necessary impressions. Adding a render allows one to give a totally new look to the entire house as this is a whole new coating. So, all the shabby walls inside and the bricks coming out in the exterior can be healed using home rendering solutions.
  • The Extra Advantage of Thermal Insulation – While an actual thermal insulation can cost very high, home rendering solutions can provide partial insulation at a cheaper price with its render. The coating traps some of the heat from passing in either side, thus saving a considerable amount of energy bills.

How To Choose The Best Home Rendering Solution?

  1. Long lasting – A rendering procedure involves a good amount of money as it covers a large surface area. Choosing the most durable rendering is one thing everyone should aim at before they render.
  2. Strongest – Like erosion and corrosion, our houses to face hard weathering conditions. If the sole aim of rendering the house is to keep it safe from nature, the strength of the coating must be very strong. The weather is always uncertain and erratic.
  3. Flexibility – A wide range of rendering service is available. While some allow the bricks to breathe (breathable render) others may be too strong and hard to crack. Other availabilities can be acrylic, pebbledash and many more. One must identify the right one the building needs.
  4. The Right Renderer– There are times when rendering techniques matter a lot. As home rendering solutions include various coatings, some thick, others thin, it is important to find a good renderer who knows the suitable thickness of the layers.
  5. Aesthetics – Dealing with the looks of a building both interior and exterior, the choice of the render depends heavily on the aesthetics of the owner. A wide range of color, texture, patterns to choose from. Surrounding residences and building shape might be considered while choosing the render.

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