Does Epoxy Coating Help in Protecting Your Floor?

Flooring plays a very important role in enhancing the overall beauty of the room. Hence, it must be selected patiently and correctly. Among numerous options, epoxy flooring has gained wide popularity due to the grace and beauty associated with it. However, there are additional benefits related to epoxy flooring. Let us take a look.

Epoxy Coating

Why Apply an Epoxy Coating?

Do you have kids and aged persons living with you? If yes is the answer, an epoxy coating is really a great option as it makes the floor surface:

  • Non-slippery
  • Highly hygienic
  • Waterproof
  • Durable
  • Chemical Resistant

Coating made of epoxy is generally applied if and only if you are considering a specialized finishing that includes:

  • Polished floor made of concrete
  • Designer floors

What is epoxy? An epoxy has been recognized to be a crystal clear resin comprising of high level of hardness.  Epoxy coating helps a lot in sealing as well as protecting concrete surfaces. It is a two-part polymer that is formed by simply combining a polyamine hardener and epoxide resin.

Epoxy Coating – Helpful in Giving High Protection

Epoxy coating is used for numerous applications, such as metal coating, industrial applications, extending its usage to far beyond flooring. It is utilized for sealing along with protecting and hardening of concrete floors. Sometimes, floorboards are also sealed using epoxy coating. Epoxy is also very much helpful in giving high level of protection from graffiti. Its waterproof and dust proof qualities contribute a lot in making it purely hygienic.

If you are in the hospitality sector, you must know that epoxy flooring will help a lot in creating a durable food grade surface. It is also highly suitable for wet areas that involve constant usage of water. Kitchen as well as bathroom is the best examples. In these areas, epoxy coating will be a great choice.

There are numerous grades available in epoxy type of flooring on the basis of designing variable applications. The choice regarding epoxy coating has been known to be a great choice for domestic usage. There are other choices that are available for commercial usage as well. Due to availability of a wide number of choices, it is easy to make the most suitable choice.

Epoxy Floor Coating

How to Apply an Epoxy Coating?

If you are convinced to apply epoxy coating on your floor you must start with the preparation of the surface beneath. Concrete surfaces are diamond grounds as they get exposed to lots of wear and tear. You can easily correct uneven floor surfaces with epoxy coating. On the basis of climate, epoxy is set and can be easily walked on.

There are some special types of epoxy coatings that take long to set in. Everything depends on the mixture composition as well as thickness. In case of polished concrete floors, the surface may be easily grounded in a repetitive manner and re-sealed for getting the best result. The finishing that you will be getting totally depends on the type of floor that lies beneath.

Some More Details about Epoxy

Epoxy resin has been known to be a crystal-clear overcoat that adds glossy over coating. At the time of choosing epoxy coating, it is better to choose between semi-gloss and high gloss options.  You can easily clean such type of surface without any hassle. It is a great choice for people suffering from any type of allergies.

Flooring made of epoxy is a great choice for workplaces too. Clean ups are easy as well as quick in comparison to other options. Approaching a reliable supplier will definitely provide you with the best item at reasonable price rate.

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