Know in Detail About the Vast Utility of Extraction Fans

The extraction or ventilation fans are very common devices. These are important ventilation and dust extraction equipment used for decades in homes as well as in industries. These have extensive domestic applications particularly in kitchen chimney, bathrooms or in living rooms. They have a great and important industrial application to make the production areas clean by removal of airborne grease, combustion products, fumes, smoke, odors, heat, and steam from the air by evacuation and filtration. Industrial extraction fans are heavy duty fans provided with high power motor.

Extraction Fans
Extraction Fans

Applications of extraction fans

The main purpose of extraction fan for domestic application is to extract fumes laden hot or humid air out of kitchen or bathroom. Thus, it allows fresh air to enter from outside or through a doorway or vent in order to replace the hot air with ambient air keeping the room odorless and fresh. Consequently, it cools down the room a bit as well and keeps the room clean from dust, humidity or fumes.

The dust-laden air in industries is drawn out using hood and duct network connecting to extraction fan which pulls it and the dirty air is expelled outside by the chimney.

Electrical room: Extraction fans are used in electrical rooms such as M.C.C. room, or L.C.S.S rooms as a pressurizer, where it makes the room pressurized by forcing air in, to restrict the dust-laden air from entering its surroundings. Electrical rooms are also provided with washed air filters and extraction fans which suck hot dusty air from inside and makes the room cooler and dust free.

Bathroom: Bathroom extraction fans must be vented outside the doors or windows. Venting this fan into the attic will simply call in problems. The excessive moist air will cause condensation on the roof surface and insulations. If you are looking to cool down your room by extraction fan on a hot summer day it won’t be successful.

It should be noted that in the case of domestic application, a fan blowing air out of your room is better than making the fan blowing in. In case of its facing out the window, it blows hot air out of the room, which is replaced by cold air from outside. It’s best if you have another window to open elsewhere so that the air can travel across the room.

Air conditioning system: For big office floor areas as well as industrial compressor house and electrical room, there is a stringent requirement of temperature control. In such cases, the use of extraction fan is remarkable for distribution of cold air from a series of the air conditioner and distribution of the same through a ducting network.

Extraction Fans
Extraction Fans

Extraction fan selection

Blade sizes   


Room Size


29″ to 36″ Bathrooms, Breakfast Nooks, Utility Rooms Up to 7 sq. m


42″ to 48″ Bedrooms, Kitchens, Dining Rooms Up to 16 sq. m


52″ to 56″ Large Bedrooms, Family Rooms, Media Rooms Up to 32.5 sq. m


The spacing of extraction fan on walls: the distance between the fan blades and the ceiling level should be at an optimum of 8-10 inches to result in efficient circulation of air. The distance between blades and any light fixture should be placed at a minimum gap of 39 inches. The distance between the fan blades and any wall should be of around 18 inches, minimum.

Thus, extraction fans can be considered to be an environmentally friendly device. These fans have wide applications, both in domestic as well as in the industrial sector to maintain a healthy atmosphere.

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