All You Need to Know About Gynecology Chair

A gynecology chair cannot be found in offices of all types of doctors. It is a special chair for a special purpose. A gynecology chair is one of those few chairs present in a gynaecologist’s office. This chair allows pregnant women to sit comfortably so that the doctor can examine them with carefulness and diligence. It allows the doctors to make the patient comfortable and at ease so that the examination can take place smoothly. In this case, a gynecology chair is of great importance to both, the patient and the doctor and there are various types of chairs with carrying features that are available for use and purchase.

Gynecology Chair
Gynecology Chair

But before getting into the advantages of the chair, we should know the features of the chair which makes it so different from all the others:

  • They have a comfortable backrest which can be adjusted according to need, thus, allowing the patient to be comfortable in any desired position.
  • Such gynecology chair has an upholstery which is waterproof and removable as well, thus, in case of discharge of any liquids from the patient’s body, the char will be clean and unharmed.
  • The chair generally has an adjoined roll paper which is often used by both, the patient and the doctor.
  • They are generally made up of stainless steel or a durable alloy so that they last longer and are able to provide comfort up to their full potential.
  • A gynecology chair is built in such a manner that they are able to withstand at least 150 kgs. This is because they provide support to pregnant women who carry the additional weight of the baby. Thus, they are expected to be quite strong and durable and have a brilliant weight capacity.
  • A perfect gynecology chair is mainly supported with a recto scope cushion along with a colonoscopy holder.
  • They are accompanied with a pedal and wheel control for greater balance and control over the char.
  • Benefits for the patient
  • The patient is able to sit comfortably and can relax without any fear because of the great softness and comfort of the upholstery of the chair.
  • Since it has an adjustable backrest, the patient can make themselves comfortable to allow further examination without any problem.
  • A gynecology chair is built in such a manner that it provides maximum safety, hygiene, and accessibility to the patient. The seat is clean and tidy and the sterilized pans present on the side and tidy and disposable for later use.
  • The chair is of utmost specialty because of its design, which allows the women to mount on the chair easily in the desired position for examination, causing no harm to the baby and patient.
Gynecology Chair
Gynecology Chair

Benefits for the doctor

  • The chair is built for the comfort of the patient but just to allow proper examination without any interruption as well. So, the advantages of the patient are the indirect advantages for the doctor a well.
  • The adjoined paper roll alongside the chair provides great ease in maintaining hygiene for the doctors and no contamination takes place.
  • The chair is a part of the electrical environment and so it is under complete control of the doctor.
  • With the additional great feature of foot control in a gynecology chair, the doctors are able to carry out tests without any interference and disturbance, thus, allowing the tests and results to be accurate to a great extent.

A gynecology chair is not like just any other patient’s chair in a doctor’s office. Equipped with various features for the patient’s well-being, the chair is personalized in accordance with its job.

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