6 Tips You Should Remember While Repainting Kitchen Cabinets.

If you have kitchen cabinets installed in your kitchen you will need to get them repainted from time to time for shiny appearance. repainting kitchen cabinets can make one’s kitchen look new and rejuvenating, but D.I.Y task although quick and simple is not as easy as one thinks. The surface of the cabinets will determine how we can start with re-painting. Re-painting kitchen cabinets don’t need full renovation and you can also do it yourself because it is also inexpensive. Since there are certain things that one needs to keep in mind and plan out the project accordingly.

To Restore Beautifully Painted Kitchen Cabinets, Here Are Some Effective Tricks and Tips That Might Help:

  • Removal of Handles and Taping Around Kitchen Cabinets: Tapes would act as borders for the painting area and would protect the walls from the paint. Removing the handles would ensure the removal of obstacles and won’t interrupt the processor repainting kitchen cabinets. This would give an even and smooth finish. Some people remove the doors before painting, but it is not necessary as it would the added effort of putting the doors back.
  • Sanding Down the Cupboard: Sanding down the cupboard with a 120 or 220 grit sandpapers will smoothen the painting area and will prevent the imperfections later.  In case the cupboards have too many ridges and uneven surfaces, then taking sandpaper and wrapping it around a sponge would be a solution. Avoid rigorous sanding down and take it slow.
  • Trisodium Phosphate Should Be Used to Remove Grease:  Use 1/4th of TSP solution for every gallon of water. Use a damp sponge and not a soaking wet one and apply in long strokes. Don’t be vigorous and let it be for two minutes on the surface. Patience is required while repainting kitchen cabinets.
Repainting Kitchen Cabinets
Repainting Kitchen Cabinets
  • Application of Wood Primer: Before painting, the shellac-based primer should be used which are ideally used for kitchen cabinets must be used, must be used for a long-lasting effect and the paint must be used after 45 minutes the primer had dried with a paint-roller.
  • Choosing the Right Type of Paint: Once the cleaning, priming, and sanding are done, it’s time to choose the right type of paint. Matte or eggshell paint won’t work; something easy to clean or wipe off is required. Gloss and satin options should be considered and explored as these paints last longer and look better than the matte paints. They are important for a kitchen as they are hard-wearing paints. The color of the paint that is chosen should be done carefully while repainting kitchen cabinets, as they tend to be a very essential and highlighting part of any kitchen. So, a bright color stands out. Confidence about the choice of color is necessary which can be done by painting a small patch of the cupboard and leaving it for a week or so.
  • The Right Technique to Paint: Choosing the right technique requires practice and the important thing to remember is being slow and steady. Also, that one needs to choose the right brush and master the techniques of handling it. An angular sash brush is perfect for repainting kitchen cabinets with grooves.

Mistakes That Should Be Avoided Are:

1. Leave enough time to complete the job as different sections will require a different amount of time to dry, so keeping up with the pace is a strategy to obtain smooth finishing’s.

2. Using the wrong primer would spoil the entire work, so choosing the right one is an important task.  Oil-based primers which penetrate the wood well. Meaning that they are hardwearing but also stay very rigid which means that the primer weakens the bond present between the surface and the topcoat.

3. Choosing the right paint for hassle-free maintenance, whether oil-based or water-based and to know the criteria of each. Paint is, of course, the essential ingredient during repainting kitchen cabinets.

4. Working with uneven surfaces that can be satisfied by careful sanding down of the uneven surfaces.

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