Importance of Brake and Clutch Maintenance Services

When we talk about driving a car and how well our driving skills are, in all that boasting and stuff, one thing which makes the difference and that is, how well you maintain your car’s brakes and clutch. When we talk about brake and clutch there is no denying the fact that they one of the most important parts of any vehicle. The function of the clutch is to regulate the speed of a vehicle according to the driver’s will and brakes are meant to slow down the vehicle whenever required. Now, the issue in any one of these components can create a problematic and life-threatening situation, thus it is better to maintain them in right intervals. Now, with roads becoming more busy day by day and getting loaded with new vehicles each day, this keeps braking and clutch system busy and thus it does require some maintenance work done in a particular interval.

Following Are Some Tips That You Can Apply to Maintain Your Brake and Clutch of Your Car:

1) Use the Best Quality Engine Oil and Mobil To Lubricate Your Clutch

The clutch of your car or truck is present inside the gearbox where it is lubricated thoroughly with oil to keep movement smooth. It is very important to use good quality oil because this is a part where a lot of friction happens between gears and bad quality oil could lead to increased friction leading to faster wear out as well as increase heat, leading to unusual noise from the vehicle.

This creates a lot of problems and cheap engine oils damage the material of the clutch plate and damage them from inside. Now clutch plate and clutch replacement will cost you a fortune as this is one of the most expensive replacement items when it comes to vehicles.

2) Get Your Brake Shoes Inspected Once Every Year and Replaced Once Every Three Years

This is very important as brakes get worn out pretty fast and need to be changed for your safety and others on the road as well. A brakeless vehicle can create more losses than an angry elephant both to property and human life. So, make sure that your brakes are working fine and are replaced when there is a need.

Never compromise with cheaper alternatives when it comes to brake shoes as they may fit nicely and also be cheap but will get worn out within months and make you come back to the mechanic again and get the replacement done again. Poor quality brake shoes will wear out unevenly and lead to improper braking and could cause danger to you and others. This is just like inviting trouble, so make sure that you get only branded brake shoes fixed whenever you are replacing them.

Brake and Clutch Services
Brake and Clutch Services

3) Get Your Brake and Clutch Services Done from An Authorized Service Centre Only

Authorized service centers have genuine and original spare parts especially brake and clutch specifically for every vehicle. You can trust them blindly as they are the people authorized and trained by the manufacturers to carry out the servicing of on their behalf.

An authorized service center will give you exactly the same kind of brake or clutch that your vehicle needs or had when it was purchased new, so it is obvious that when you are putting in original parts your vehicle will give you reasons to smile.

4) Use Disk Brakes If Possible

Disk brakes are one of the best brakes for cars and trucks these days, as these brakes help the vehicle to slow down and avoid accidents in a very small time. Braking mechanism using disk brakes are more efficient. But make sure that you ride your car on an open field and practice along with the new disk brakes and then take your vehicle on the streets as these brakes stop the vehicle instantly when applied too hard. For knowing more information about brake and clutch services, please visit here for further information.

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