Electrical Emergencies And The Best Emergency Electricians

Suppose you are going home from your office after a hectic schedule and you found that there is no electricity in your home due to some power catch or circuit issues so who will you call first? We can understand that this question arises in your mind, so we recommend you to get in touch with best emergency electricians so that he can come and solve the electricity issues. We sometimes take electricity for granted in our residences and offices. However, this should always be borne in mind that the poor wiring or faulty appliances can certainly present potential dangers in the home. Although you should necessarily contact an electrician whenever you see any abnormality in your electrical systems, this brief guide would help you to determine when you should call an emergency electrician.

Emergency Electricians
Emergency Electricians

The Major Causes Of Electrical Shocks

There are a few potential causes of electrical shocks that can happen in our home or office. Some of the major causes are as follows: 

  • Appliances – The faulty appliances which are wrongly wired can exceedingly increase the risk of electrical shocks. You should never use any faulty appliance and immediately opt to fix them or preferably replace them.
  • Damaged cords – The faulty or damaged cords including the extension cords should immediately be replaced or this can be a major cause of electrical shock.
  • Faulty wiring in the household– The faulty household wiring can be a major cause of electrical shock and thus you should seek the services of an emergency electrician to get it fixed.
  • Water – You should keep all the electrical appliances away from water as when the electrical appliances are exposed to water, it may cause electrical shock.

Staying Prepared For An Emergency

You should always stay prepared with an updated list of emergency contacts like the following:

  • Emergency contact numbers of emergency electricians should be kept handy. You should keep them displayed in a very visible area in your house like on the fridge door etc.
  • Fire extinguishers contacts should be kept handy. The factories and the industrial site should be prepared with enough number of emergency routes and fire extinguishers.

Emergency Situations When You Should Immediately Call The Best Emergency Electrician

The electrical emergencies are indeed frightening & it is absolutely crucial to maintaining your calm at such tough times. In the event of an electrical emergency, you ought to take swift action & contact the emergency services at the earliest. The person who is affected by an electric shock, the victim may become unconscious, experience trouble in breathing, may be having a weak pulse or may have burns on the body.

Collapsed Power Lines

In an event of the power lines getting collapsed and someone receives an electric shock due to the accident, then the following steps should be followed:

  •   You should not touch the collapsed power line under any circumstances.
  •   You should call up the emergency services and the emergency electrician without wasting a single moment.
  •   You may require contacting the local electricity company if required.
  •   You should take care of the person who received the electric shock and you should keep the person warm and in the lying position until the ambulance arrives.
Emergency Electricians
Emergency Electricians

Appliance Electrical Shock

In case someone has received an electrical shock from an appliance like a hairdryer, toaster or hardware equipment, then the following steps should be followed.

  • You should refrain from touching that person who received the electrical shock.
  • You have to unplug the concerned appliance and then turn off the main power switchboard in order to avoid any further problem or damage.
  • Then you have to call the best emergency electrician and also the ambulance service in your area for help.
  • You have to keep the injured person lying down in a still position until the ambulance arrives.


Keeping the contacts of the best emergency electricians in your area handy is a priority for everyone as they need to be contacted immediately in case of any electrical emergency.     


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