Bonaire Gas Ducted Heating Installation – What You Should Know.

Bonaire- An Introduction:

Bonaire is one of the leading and most popular brands under Climate Technologies Pty Ltd. Climate Technologies was founded in 1972 and has now grown to be one of the leading manufacturers of commercial as well as residential heating and cooling appliances.

What Is Bonaire Gas Ducted Heating Installation All About?

One of Bonaire’s flagship products is its gas duct heater system. Bonaire gas ducted heating installation system works by allowing its users to heat their entire home at once. Through the ducts and outlets, warm air coming from the heating unit circulates through your home first after which, through a return air grille, it returns to the heating unit to be warmed and made ready for use again. Using the controller, you can choose the amount of heating and the number of rooms you want to be heated at a point of time.

Bonaire Gas Ducted Heating Installation
Bonaire Gas Ducted Heating Installation

Reasons For Choosing Bonaire Gas Ducted Heating Installation

Here are a few reasons for using this system

  • It instantly heats your entire house
  • It has no unsightly wall fixtures
  • It controls the temperature 24 hours a day
  • You can heat the particular area of the house to reduce the cost
  • Fresh air ventilation is possible

Things To Remember

Bonaire gas ducted heating installation requires some things that need to be kept in mind.

  1. Licensed Installation– The Bonaire installation requires a person who holds the requisite licenses, according to government body regulations. Failure to abide by this regulation gives Climate technologies the right to refuse services on the grounds of non-compliance of instructions.
  1. Safety- The Bonaire gas ducted heating installation should be done with the safety of the user in the mind along with allowing the machine to provide its best performance. Apart from the installation precautions, there are some other safety precautions that need to be followed. Some of those safety precautions are as follows-
    • No placing of any articles either on or against the appliance.
    • You should not store flammable objects near the appliance.
    • While operating, you should not spray any aerosol in the vicinity of the appliance.
    • The return air grille should not be blocked by any object.

Also, the Bonaire gas ducted heating installation comes with controls that will automatically turn off the gas in case of any interruption to the power supply.

  1. Manual Control- The manual control is used to switch the appliance on and off. The display of the controller will only show operations for the appliances that are installed to it. For this case, Bonaire gas ducted heating installation will only bring its requisite controls to the control display.
  1. Maintenance- Maintenance of the appliance falls under two categories-
    • General Maintenance- The filter in the return air grille, if any, should be cleaned at least once every three to four weeks during the operation period of the appliance. This allows for the maximum productivity of the appliance. Also, if the filter is not cleaned, it might cause a disruption in the functioning of the heater.
    • Scheduled Maintenance- It brings along with it the option of scheduling official maintenance. This maintenance is recommended to be carried out at least once every two years and should be used to check every nook and corner of the appliance.
  1. Problem Solving- If the central heater stops working and trained maintenance is not available for the moment, then two things should be checked- whether the set temperature is greater than room temperature or whether there has been a known power surge. In the former case, the temperature should be readjusted to a temperature lower than room temperature. In the latter case, the machine should be restarted.

Bonaire gas ducted heating installation is done with the utmost care and with the safety of the user and maximum productivity of the product in mind. The state-of-the-art appliances are sure to not let you be disappointed.

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