Top 10 Kitchen Splashbacks Tiles for your Dream Kitchen

Are you in search of some extraordinary yet efficient Kitchen Splashbacks tiles for your brand-new kitchen? Then you are in the right place! Kitchen Splashbacks tiles are installed in the kitchen on the wall above the sink or on a bench top space to protect the walls or cabinetry from getting grimy from splashes of grease, oil, and food.

Nowadays there are many different types of kitchen splashbacks tiles available in the market which will only transform the look of your kitchen but will also turn out to be the most convenient thing to have in your kitchen. They are also easy to maintain tiles which are relatively easy to clean. There are numerous varieties of the splashback tiles ranging from geometric to decorative patterns. So, here is a compiled list of the 10-best kitchen splashback tiles option for you to choose from:

Kitchen Splashbacks
Kitchen Splashbacks

1. Chevron Tiles:

Chevron tiles are those zig-zag tiles that are very much in trend these days. These Kitchen Splashbacks tiles can be installed anywhere from the floor to the ceilings according to your preference and convenience. These are available in different patterns; hence you have a variety to choose from.

2. Arabesque Tiles:

These are the curved tiles that fit together in beautiful patterns. It gives a very high-end touch to your kitchen and that is why these tiles are little expensive. The installation is quite a tough job and you will require an expert, but it gives the best exotic look once installed.

3. Diamond Kitchen Tiles:

Diamond shape tiles gives a unique look to the kitchen and appear high end compared to the hexagonal or other geometric pattern tiles. While ceramic diamond tiles are considered to be more traditional, these are durable, low cost and easy to maintain.

4. Hexagonal Wall:

As the name suggests, Hexagonal tiles are shaped in the hexagons and are relatively expensive than the basic splash back tiles. This gives your kitchen a very rich look which is worth the hype and price. There are different ways to incorporate them into the interior design and architecture.

Kitchen Splashbacks
Kitchen Splashbacks

5. Mosaic Tiles:

Mosaic is an ancient art form remains one of the most popular tiles used in home design today. Mosaic is a piece of artwork or decorative design made up of stones or glass which gives the tiles a definite shape or image. This unique pattern will give your kitchen a colorful and unique look.

6. Penny Tiles:

Penny tiles give a very monotonous look to the kitchen and are available in different colors especially in black and white. The installation price varies depending upon what kinds of sheets are being installed.


7. Scalloped Wall Tiles:

This Kitchen Splashbacks tile is quite expensive but gives a fantastic look to your kitchen. They have a kind of hexagonal shape and adds a contrasting color scheme to the kitchen.

8. Stainless Steel Tiles:

This is a modern type of tile and is basically heat resistant. So, this can be used around the high heat area and most importantly it is rust resistant and stain resistant. It is also easy to clean without any hassles and you don’t have to put in a lot of efforts. The installation may be done on your own without the need of a professional. The installation is quite efficient.

9. Subway Tiles:  These tiles were given this term because it first appeared in subways. Due to its white and glossy glazed finish, these are the mainstream tiles used in the home or kitchen décor. It is also inexpensive and durable.

10. Mirrored Tiles:

These are one of the beautiful Kitchen Splashbacks tiles that give your kitchen a much-needed dimension and enhance the look instantly. It also helps to make a small kitchen look bigger.

So, after looking at these fantastic ten options, now you can choose any of them to upgrade and remodel your dream kitchen in a very unique manner. So, invest wisely and enhance both the look and durability of your kitchen.

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