A Brief Guide How to Do Epoxy Floor Coating for Better Home

Installing Epoxy floor coatings can give your room an exciting and amazing look. And there is a number of local and international companies which provide Epoxy floor coatings. Are you too looking for Epoxy floor coating contractors? But let us tell you that hiring Epoxy floor coatings contractors are expensive and they charge quite an amount of money for the job, However, there are areas in the house like garage or exercise area that might not need professional Epoxy floor coatings to look. So, to save money you can DIY the floor coatings on these places. 

Tips for DIY Epoxy Floor Coating Contractors

Epoxy floor coating isn’t a very tough task if you gain a little bit of knowledge about the chemicals used in the process and how to do it. There are easy tips through which one can get done the flooring at home by self.

Following are few tips through which you can opt for the floor coating without being dependent on epoxy floor coating contractors.

Clean the Floor to Prepare It for Coating

  • The primary step of Epoxy floor coating is cleaning the floor before applying the coating. Every tin in the surface area must clear like furniture, cars or any other tins. After that, all the stains should be removed. For stain cleaning purposes products like sander, sand, sandblasters are a very good option. Such products can smooth out the floor and make it ideal for Epoxy floor coating.
  • After that the moisture of the floor should be controlled, for that purpose Ezine is an amazing product. All you need to do is to tape down a 3×3 piece of plastic tarpaulin for like two or more days to completely revoke moisture from the surface. Once the surface is completely moisture free, the area is suitable for the grinder. Notice if there any cracks in the concrete surface, if there any cracks present it should be filled. Each of these methods should be applied multiple times and it might take several days. All the epoxy floor coating contractors follow these methods to complete the job.

Application of Primer

  • After preparing the surface for coating, the application of primer comes on. It is the second step of the whole process. The primer needs to be applied before several hours of applying the Epoxy coating. This step is really simple and only requires some simple printing tools. Typically, a roller and a slash pan will do the job. To avoid any mistake, the instructions provided on the Epoxy floor should be followed.
  • Mostly what the epoxy floor coating contractors follows, covering the floor with a thin layer of water, then putting all the Epoxy coat on the surface. After that using a roller pin evenly spread the material. The layer should be thin and speared evenly across the floor. The Epoxy needs 5-6 hours to set completely. Allow it to dry up completely.

Finishing Application

Finally, the finishing step comes, when a prior coating is completely dried. It’s time for the second coat. The last coat or finisher is applied in the same process just like the way the primer is applied only without the water base this time. Once the finisher is evenly spread on the ground it will take a bit to dry up. A quick polis after the drying is complete will give a professional feel to it.

The aforementioned are certain tips that will help you to DIY your Epoxy floor coating. However, but it is always better to seek professional epoxy floor coating contractors for a better finish or commercial purposes.

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