5 Tips to Choose the Best Custom Canopies

Custom canopy is also known as a custom tent. If you love adventure, then you can go for camping. But for camping, you need to arrange some essential things like a proper backpack, custom canopy or tent and safety tools to make camping comfortable. There are various types of custom canopies available in the market and you can easily find the best one from online.

Buy the Custom Canopy, You Must Consider the Following Points:

#1. Determine the Space: Custom canopy will protect you and your friends from harsh weather, and it is just like a second home for you. So, you need to choose the canopy according to the space that you need. So, determine how many people will use the canopy and will backpack stay inside the canopy? If you travel with your pet, then you must choose a separate custom canopy for your dog. In this case, you can discuss your requirements with the dealers and choose the best custom-made custom canopies for your entire family.

#2. Weight: you need to choose a lightweight custom canopy because you have to carry it different places for camping. Basically, canopies with large space can be heavier and you can choose the custom canopy within four pounds for two persons. You can use such canopies for backpacking and bike-camping. But if you go for the kayak camping then you must choose heavy tents or canopies. On the other part, the lightweight one is perfect for bike camping. The weight of the custom canopy is generally calculated with some basic accessories like poles, rainfly, and stuff sack and guy lines.

#3. All Season Custom Canopy: Custom canopies are available for three and four seasons. Three season canopies can be used during the spring, summer, and fall. Such custom canopies can prevent the sun’s heat and keep your tent cool during the summer. On the other part, four-season canopies can be used for the winter and they can protect you from the snow and high winds. Four seasons canopies are little expensive, and if you want to camp year-round then you must choose the four seasons canopy only.

#4. Floor Size of The Canopy: if you need extra space to store your camping hear and backpack then you must choose the custom canopies that have minimum 20 Sq. Ft floor space. But if you need to store the only backpack and use the sleeper inside your canopy then you can choose the custom canopy with 15 sq. Ft floor area. custom canopies are also available with an extra elbow room space and such additional spaces can give you the storage solutions for your camping. So, always choose the custom canopy that has a bigger floor area.

#5. Height and Walls of The Canopy: Height of the custom canopies is measured from the ground to the top of the tent’s exterior. You can calculate the height of the canopy and then subtract 2-3” as peak height. Apart from that, you must check the walls of the custom canopy. Mostly, canopies are available in double and single wall designs. Single wall custom canopies are lightweight, and they can allow more condensation. So, you can choose the double-wall canopies for your comfort. If you choose a single wall canopy, then you must check the venting systems of the canopies.

Most of the custom canopies are available with a single door and you can customize the same with double doors. Plus, you must check the clips of the canopy because they are the founding structures of your tent. So, choose the best from the lot according to your camping program.


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