Let us Know the Benefits of Using Large Square Planters

If you are one among the planting enthusiasts, you are no stranger to the large square planters. They are all the rage among planting enthusiasts for many legit reasons. More often than not, the gardening enthusiasts use these planters to grow vegetables, flowers, shrubs etc., because they are not only value for money, but also help the plants prosper longer than usual. Some people might say that using planter boxes is a complete modern method, but they have roots in Egyptian history. In ancient Egyptian as well as Roman periods, the planter boxes were used to grow plants because of their varied benefits. In the same manner, as we do in modern-day, the primitive Egyptian people would also hang the planters to help the plants to thrive longer. However, only clay planters were available in that period, while we have abundant of options ranging from concrete to ceramics now, each with its own set of benefits.

Large Square Planters
Large Square Planters

You may be astounded to know that the modern planters are actually self-watering planters which save a lot of time and effort for the owner. In many large square planters, there are built-in water reservoirs, with the help of which the plants are preserved in hydration. Drying soil can cause the plants to perish sooner, and with these planters, you stand narrower chances to lose your plants before time.

Why large square planter boxes are favourite gardening containers?

Gardening is not merely a hobby, it goes beyond that. Some people would even call it a sentiment. Some people also see it as a recreation activity and say that gardening helps them to abandon the baggage of everyday work stress. The large square planters are carefully designed to enhance the curb appeal of the house and make it stand out in terms of looks. There are many types of planters available in the market, but many people choose them because of their heightened advantages.

The reasons why the large square planters are becoming increasingly popular include the following:

  • They are made of materials ranging from wood to stone.
  • You must have noticed them in many hotels and restaurants, used wisely to give an edgy appeal.
  • The urban designing experts swear by these planters because they are easy to accommodate in many places and are fairly portable to use. You can shift them from one place to another very easily and place them anywhere, both indoors and outdoors.
  • They have better drainage facilities than the rest, making the plants thrive longer in their cavity. It will be more beneficial for the user to choose the planters made from clay rather than concrete, considering the drainage angle.
  • These planters have a porous structure, which helps the water to seep through its walls, thereby allowing the plants to procure more air. The porous structure also helps thwart excessive moisture, which is detrimental to the health of the plants. In plastic planters, the moisture gets locked in the confined space and the soil remains damp which adversely affects the health of the plants.
  • Large square planters made of clay material are doubly beneficial, because the material helps to prevent rapid soil fluctuation in soil temperature, and also provides better drainage facilities let alone the edgy look that it provides.
  • The durability of these planters is beyond question too, if they are not accidentally broken.
  • Also, no can ever deny how classy they look when installed in and around your house.

Considering all the advantages of large square planters, choose some good quality ones for your house and install them to give an edgy appeal to your interiors or exteriors.

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