Know Your Industrial Fans Better

Many of you would be wondering what industrial fans are and what purpose they serve. Let’s start with what these are. The industrial fans are used to keep a factory ventilated and aid in air circulation. These Industrial fans are mainly found in factories and warehouses, and these are used for ventilating the place. The air inside a factory is always heated up because of too many machines. Therefore, industrial fans are required.


If you are about to invest in an industrial fan, then you should know the specifications. The specific ratio of an industrial fan should be at least up to 1.11. The upsurge of pressure should be of 1136 mmHg.

Types Of Fans 


Industrial Fans are of two varieties. They are as follows:

  • Axial flow
  • Centrifugal flow  

Axial Flow

In these types of fans, the air goes inside the fan. After that, it leaves the fan without any alteration in the direction of the wind.

There are three varieties in Axial Fans that you can choose from – Propeller, Tube axial, and vane-axial.

  • Vane-Axial – This type of axial fan uses high pressure and delivers medium flow. The pressure curve is dip-in. Guide vanes progress efficiency. This type of axial fan can be used in the exhaust, HVAC system, and high strength.
  • Propeller – The propeller might use low pressure but carries a higher flow. The efficiency and productivity of this fan are below normal. The highest efficiency can be expected only when the fan is close to providing free air. You can use these fans as air-circulation, ventilation, and exhaust.
  • Tube-Axial – This type of axial fan might use medium pressure but delivers high flow. These fans are highly efficient. It can be utilized in HVAC, exhaust, and drying ovens.

Centrifugal Flow

In this type of industrial fans, the direction of the flow of the wind is altered twice. The first change of direction occurs at the time of entering, and the second change of the air path takes place while leaving.

You can find four varieties of centrifugal fans – radial, forward curved blades, airfoil types, and backward curved blades.


  • Airfoil Type – These fans utilize high pressure, promise a high flow. These fans are incredibly efficient in the purpose they serve. The power of these centrifugal fans decreases as the flow increases. The current can increase even beyond the point of high energy. These airfoil type fans are best suited for HVAC and many other industrial usages. If you want to clean the air of your factory, then this is the best option.
  • Backward Curved Blades – These fans use a high amount of pressure that helps them to deliver a high flow. These fans are incredibly efficient. The power of the fan lessens as the flow upsurges. The current can rise beyond the highest ability. These fans can easily be used in HVAC and other industrial usages. You can also use these fans in Forced draft plans.
  • Forward Curved Blades – These fans use medium pressure and deliver high flow. The pressure curve of the fan is dipped inwards. The efficiency of these fans is higher than the axial fans. You can easily use these fans in low-pressure HVAC or any other packaged unit. These fans are best suited for clean or dust air.
  • Radial – This type of fan uses a high pressure but has a minimum flow. The efficiency is quite similar to the tube-axial fans. The power of these fans increases through these. These fans are best for dust and moist laden air.


Hopefully, the above information will help you make a better choice in picking up an industrial fan. Different types of fans fulfill the diverse needs; for this purpose, please select the fans after a complete analysis of specifications.

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