Different Carpet Cleaning Methods – Which One To Use?

Maintaining a carpet is not an easy task! It can be quite a complicated process to clean a carpet. Even though a lot of people use household remedies, many hire professionals for carpet cleaning. These professionals use different methods to clean your carpet suitable for the carpet material. But which one should you opt for? Listed below are various methods for cleaning carpets. While professionals use some, the rest of them are household remedies.

Methods Used By Professionals

While household tricks might be cheaper, professional techniques are more efficient. Here are some of them:

Carpet Cleaning

  • Steam Cleaning

This is the most convenient carpet cleaning method used by professionals. Also known as the hot-water extraction method, a special cleaning solution is applied to the dirty carpet and then it is rinsed off using a brush. Once rinsing is completed, the carpet is left outside to dry off. It is usually dried in an air-conditioned room or at room temperature. This method helps to liquefy any dirt or oil particles present in the carpet and ensure deep cleaning.

  • Dry Foam Method

If the professionals want a quick solution, they go for the dry foam method. They apply a suitable cleaning agent on the carpet surface and then turn it into foam using brushes. Rotating brushes are used to create this foam, and then it is dried using a vacuum. It is one of the fastest carpet cleaning methods, as the drying part takes very less amount of time. This is possible because a very less amount of moisture is used in this method. Usually, foam cleaning is used as a complementary method with steam cleaning. Even though professionals have used it, some DIY enthusiasts can also carry it out on their own, provided that they have the right tools, equipment, and cleaning agents.

  • Bonnet Cleaning

In this method, a bonnet is used for carpet cleaning. It is one of the most affordable methods when it comes to cleaning your carpets. However, only the outer surface of the carpet is cleaned using this method. Moreover, it is not economically feasible, as the carpet is prone to getting dirty very quickly.

  • Dry Cleaning Carpet

One of the relatively newer methods in the market is dry cleaning carpets using the dry powder. It ensures deep cleaning, as a rotating brush is used to apply the powder to each and every fiber of the carpet. No harmful chemicals are used in this method, as most of the cleaning compounds that are used are bio-degradable. It is one of the safest options and is highly recommended for commercial and office purposes.

Household Remedies

Carpet Cleaning

Apart from these professional methods, some common tricks can be used to clean your carpet at home. All of the cleaning items are the articles that are used in our day to day life and can be easily found. Here are some tricks that you can follow:

  • Vinegar Solution

Vinegar is available in every household and is used to clean a lot of articles. All you need to do is to mix vinegar with detergent. Make sure that you mix both in equal proportion. Apply this solution to your carpet stain and scrub it gently.

  • Baking Soda

Baking soda has been used for decades for carpet cleaning. It not only helps you get rid of the stain, but it also helps to remove any smell. Mix a little bit of vinegar with baking soda and rub the stain on your carpet with it. You can use a toothbrush or a sponge to clean your carpet, and then wipe off.


It entirely depends upon which method you are comfortable with. If you want a deep carpet cleaning, go with a professional. However, in case of a small stain, you can remove it on your own. Think it through before you decide on what you need to do!

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