All You Need to Know About Air Staplers

One of the most common accessories that you can find at the office or home is the staplers. These are used to join papers. This mechanical device had limited usage. A typical metal stripes joining papers. Now the definition of staplers has changed; it is used on many different things.

Along with joining papers, it is used for joining woods, used in surgery, in different workshops, etc. Air staplers were heavy and large. Now those are reduced to a certain level to get the work done faster and easier.

Air Staplers
Air Staplers

Some Key Information About Air Staplers

Size and shape

Air staplers are a mechanical device, it works on a certain mechanism, and it needs a good mechanical body that is shape and size. The weight and size of the air stapler will vary as per the requirement of work. Large staples are used in large staplers for hard and rigid materials. At the same time, light staples are used in staplers for joining papers and lighter things. air staplers and stapler guns are a bit different. However, the function and application of both tools are the same. 


The working of the air stapler is simple; it comes with a special slot allocated for loading the staples. It is called a magazine. The magazine is loaded with the staples, and with the help of the pusher and the spring, the staples are so arranged that they come in front of the tip of the Air staplers. Now the material which is to be joined is taken, and both the sides of the materials are aligned and stapled. The staple penetrates the surface of the material and joins both materials. Papers are the most widely used materials to join.

Different Types of Staplers and Its Uses:

As the application varies, the type of stapler also varies. The common type of staplers that we find in the market are the manual air stapler, electric power staplers, hammer staplers, rivet guns, glue guns, etc. Each is having its own different applications. Let us see the applications of a few below:

Air Staplers
Air Staplers

Manual air staplers are good tools for upholstering, screening, installing ceiling tiles, or any other project that requires heavy stapling. Whereas electric power staplers perform all the tasks which manual staplers do, some even shoot small brads. The benefit of electric staplers is that they are easy to use and are more user-friendly than that of manual ones. The use of a hammer stapler is somewhat different from that of both. The user or the operator holds the tool low on the handle and swings it like a hammer to drive staplers easily and quickly. These are used in securing house wraps, roofing, and all where the speed matters than the accuracy.


One of the factors that you need to consider while choosing an air stapler is its durability, especially if you are buying it for industrial use. Manual staplers are more durable. As no electricity is required, there is a simple mechanism also easy and safe to carry. Electric air staplers may have a bit larger frequency of faults due to added features in it. At the same time, manual staplers are simple and robust in design, so they last for years and are a one-time investment. Many companies are producing the product, but you must only choose the best one.

With this piece of information, it will be easier for you to choose the best kind of stapler for your need. Make sure that you only invest in a trusted brand and the one that offers a durable product.

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