What Are the Tools That an Electrician Uses

No matter what the profession that you may choose for yourself, there will always be a particular set of tools that one will need to use to get their job done. In the case of software engineers, it is the computer and the attached hardware. In case you are a carpenter, it is a toolbox that has various types of saws and sharp instruments. If you are an electrician, you will be requiring tools which help you test circuits whose functionality you cannot judge using the naked eye.

You can hire both a residential and commercial electrician based on the requirement. Small fixing, light, wiring and cable connection everything needs to be done in a proper manner, and only a trained electrician can do so.


The List of Tools Which an Electrician May Need Has Been Mentioned Below:

#1. Voltage Tester or Voltmeter

The voltage tester or voltmeter is one of the essential devices that are used by electricians as they test whether the wire that they are dealing with is live or not. When a person works on a live wire, it can have dangerous results such as a shock leading to circuit failure. It is also the power fluctuations in the Voltmeter that an electrician can test.

A voltage tester than is non-contact in nature ensures that the electrician can detect the electricity in a wire without touching it at all.

#2. Multimeter

A Multimeter is a device which combines the function of multiple devices to check the current, resistance, as well as the voltage. This device is used to measure various properties of the wire or circuit. The Multimeters are both analogue in nature as well as digital. Some of the newer Multimeters which are available in the market come with Bluetooth as well as alarm bells.

#3. Circuit Finder

The circuit finder helps one find the circuit which is not always easily detectable in a living space. The detector in the circuit finder makes sure to look for the matching directory. Right from alarms, to security systems to high definition cameras, general electronic gadgets and equipment, there are multiple things that need to be done by the electrician when it comes to working with the circuit finder.

#4. Drivers Are Specific to The Work of Electrician

The screwdrivers or nut drivers are used by electricians to fix circuits as well as drive covers out or into the wall.


#5. Wire Cutters

Wire cutters or wire strippers are devices which help you strip away the insulation part of the wire. The insulation forms the upper part of an electrical wire. There are several holes in which the cables of different width go in. There are certain varieties of wire stripper which also come with cutting teeth.

#6. Pliers

Pliers are used for a wide range of tasks by an electrician. This includes cutting wires sideways or diagonally, grasping things and reaching small places, and removal of knockouts from cases as well as to make the clamps tight. Pliers are the set of basic tools that an electrician requires in order to go to any kind of electrical work to be done.

#7. Fish Tape

The fish tape lets an electrician tug at a wire strand through the conduit. The fish tape can be positioned and withdrawn as the tape comes on a reel.

Apart from these few essential, mandatory tools, it is vital to own a torch, a measuring tape, an insulating tape, as well as a utility knife.


It is interesting to observe an electrician work with their tools as the tools have a wide range of utility. If you would like to know more then go through this link to get more information.

5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Professional Electrician

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