Options for Garage Door Installation

As cars have become an integral part of our lives, including a garage has become equally important while making our floor plan. You will hardly find a newly constructed house that does not have a garage in it. If you’re planning for a garage door installation, you will find abundant choices in terms of styles, materials and finishes. But you need to find the be one that exactly meets your needs.

Over the last few years, technological advancements have allowed manufacturers to improve their quality, durability and aesthetics to a great extent. All these advancements have benefited the homeowners and increased their property’s value. So, let’s explore a few options and know how to get the best deal.

Choose Which Type of Garage Door You Want

First of all, it is important to decide on the type of door you want for your garage. Amongst the different types, one of the most common types is the sectional door that has multiple panels joined together with fitted rollers. The door rides on two tracks parallel to each other, and a string torsion spring balances the door’s weight. Such a door can be lifted manually, or it can be motorized to operate with a switch.

Another style of garage door installation is the swing type that operates like French doors. Usually made up of wood, these garage doors look good and easily gel with the other parts of your house. Apart from that, swing doors are eco-friendly, as they save energy to and are easy to operate.

Choose the Material for Garage Door

The longevity of a garage door is decided by its material and installation. Hence you must lay special emphasis on choosing the right material for the garage door. Garage doors can be made up of different types of materials, including wood, aluminum, fiberglass, steel, vinyl, glass and wood composites. Let us know more about them.

Steel: These doors contain a double layer of galvanized steel with a painted or printed surface. Garage door installation using steel to involves coating the door with a tough finish, and can be painted in any colour to match your exteriors. However, these doors are prone to denting and corrosion, especially if you are situated in a coastal area.

Wood: Wooden doors are made with plies or layers to avoid warping. Commonly used wood types include fir, redwood, Luan, cedar, etc. These doors may be painted, stained or finished at site.

Wood Composite: These doors have a frame of wood covered with fiberboard sheets. Better options have high-density skin of fiberboard with realistic detailing like grooves and overlays to give the look of a real wooden door. During the garage doors installation, the installer may fill the core of these doors with polystyrene insulation.

Aluminum: These doors have aluminum panels that are rust-resistant, but they can be easily dented due to their soft surface. Available in a plethora of color’s and finishes, these have glass interiors to allow daylight to enter inside.

Fiberglass: Garage door installation done using this material are resistant to cracks and dents, and they do not rust. These usually have steel end caps for enhanced strength and rigidity.

Vinyl: Vinyl doors have high resistant power against breaking and denting. Built on a steel frame, these are also filled with insulation made of polyurethane. These doors look like fiberglass, but they have fewer colour options. They are quite durable but need a little maintenance and cleaning.

Garage Door Installation
Garage Door Installation

Choose a professional garage door installation company– The next important factor that you need to consider is to choose a professional company that can help you with the right installation. Make sure that you only shortlist an experienced and credible company for this work.

Conclusion- Now that you know the different types of garage doors and their materials, go for garage door installation that best suits your aesthetic, maintenance and durability needs. Get in touch with an expert installer who can help you in making the right choice as per your requirements, preferences and budget.

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