6 Practical Tips Before Getting a Ford Ranger Snorkel for Your Vehicle

Before you start setting up your rig, it is very important that you add a snorkel to your off-road arsenal. It does just as the name suggests. Adding a ford ranger snorkel is one of the best ways to make sure that your vehicle can keep up, even underwater. But, for all the novice drivers, there are few considerations to be made. The sole purpose of this article is to make sure that you have a clear understanding of snorkels.  

Top 6 Practical Tips Before Getting a Snorkel 

1) Your Vehicles Wading Depth 

Water clogging within the air intake is the least of your problems when it comes to snorkels. The vehicle’s rated wading depth ensures safety of all components right from electrical, electronic to mechanical parts, that might get damaged within the water immersion process. In fact, for all the vehicles that don’t come with any rated wading depth, you need to have your way around snorkels. That being said, there are always chances of any mechanical failure, when it comes to incompatible snorkels.  

2) Look Out for Specific Systems 

There is no point in arguing that the easiest way to make sure that your snorkel fits perfectly is to look out for systems that are specially curated for your vehicle type. Moreover, you can always customize the snorkel based on your preference but, this just ends up adding more cost. Sometimes these also involve changing internal intakes, which can get tedious at times.  

3) Don’t Jeopardize the Quality 

Sometimes you will find in the market, some cheap snorkels which look exactly the same as the original ones but with a lesser price. If you get tempted to buy those ones, then you will end up making more compromises than ever as well. The majority of them are prone to even small impacts while offering lesser UV damage protection. On the flip side, with original snorkels, you can always expect top line quality that can be easily fine-tuned according to your vehicle’s preference.  


4) Choosing on the Right System 

When it comes to commercial snorkels, there are mainly two head types to choose from. Ram is by far one of the most common types. These types of snorkels use duct facing forward often referred to as “rammed.” While the vehicle is in motion, this enables the airflow to push any sort of dirt or water out of the head. The other type is known as a vortex. This causes the swirling motion, where the centrifugal force enables the dust and water to be pushed outward.  

5) There’s Always Going to be Some Bodywork

It is imperative to understand that while fitting a snorkel onto the body of your vehicle there is going to be some form of bodywork. So in case, you lack the appropriate equipment required for the job, make sure to get it done with a professional snorkel installation. Getting the right assistance from the professionals can always help you to create rust proof edges.  

6) Snorkels are Equipments and not Magic  

While snorkels can provide you protection, they can never prevent short circuits from happening. Further including, with fast-moving water there’s always the chance of breaking down. So, instead of completely relying on snorkel, make sure to keep track of the ability of the vehicle to attain proper torque and gear. Make sure to fix certain leaks and cracks before installing the snorkel.  

Concluding Words 

Your ford ranger snorkel can have advantages at times, but lack in prior knowledge can create problems down the road. So, make sure to abide by these 6 practical tips if you want to get snorkel according to your preference.

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