A Comprehensive Guide On Over Centre Fastener

Over centre fasteners are designed to offer a temporary application of force between two units. These latches or fasteners are often used on products such toolboxes, lids, chests, cabinets, drawers, doors, enclosures, electrical boxes, and more to add security. You can use those fasteners both indoors and outdoors, and you can also use them to fix your caravan and camper trailers.

Why Would You Choose Stainless Steel Fasteners?

The over centre fasteners that are of top quality are known to last for long as they can bear extreme weather elements. Today, you will come across different styles, designs, and kinds of fasteners. The stainless steel centre fasteners are most in-demand as they are strong, durable, and long-lasting. You can count on them to work safely and securely even years after their installation.  Many people also use padlocks for additional security and protection.

The over-center fasteners should be strong and durable, and readily available. Apart from being easily adjustable, they should be inexpensive and well suited for a number of jobs and trades. They should be simple and efficient to use because of their simple design. A standard over centre fastener relies on a positive force that is generated from the lever that turns over 90 degrees. The simple yet effective principle works behind the handle, and the lock-in feature provides that extra measure to prevent any chance of the latch opening. Many over centre fasteners come with a patented design that features a self-locking mechanism. Thus, the latch will not open unless you release the lock physically.

Centre Fastener
Centre Fastener

The Different Options

These over centre fasteners are available in a wide range of options, such as straight bails for optimum strength and curved bails to adjust for differences in mounting set. Over-centre mechanism allows a higher secure co-planar latching while a flat and curved wire link allows maximum strength and shock resistance. Hidden mounting styles offer a clean surface appearance.

One must consider the maximum load values in order to make safe and effective use of those latches or fasteners. Different fasteners are designed and crafted to handle a certain load. Thus, study the strength values to buy the right product as per your needs. It is equally important to consider the material and finish along with the product’s design. Depending on the environment where the over centre fasteners will be used, one must look for stronger and durable materials. Typically, heavy-duty centre fasteners are used for outdoor use.  High-grade centre fasteners are popularly used for securing covers and valve boxes. The premium-grade stainless steel latches are usually secured with the help of rivets to fasten sheet metal. These fasteners are often zinc plated or galvanized steel. They are non-corrosive and you can use them for years.

How To Choose The Best Over Centre Fasteners?

Whatever over centre fastener you choose, it must encompass an easy-to-use function and feature a secure locking device. When shopping for a quality over centre fastener, look for a reliable and trusted name in the industry. Just like any other product and service provider, you will come across many manufacturers and suppliers of centre fasteners. Get reviews and read testimonials for the product quality and customer service before placing an order.  Apart from quality products, look for reasonable prices and you can search them online to compare their prices.

Get a comprehensive knowledge about the wide range of products and always get the best products at a competitive price. Make good use of these quality centre fastener available in a number of different sizes, and you can search them to secure your toolboxes and trailer gates.


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