How Brake Service Is Crucial For Your Safety?

Over the past decades, vehicle technology has gradually enhanced Modern cars are much safer than the old one as they are equipped with many advanced features. However, that doesn’t mean that you don’t have to service your car or its parts.

Brakes are the most important components of the car. When you think about the safety of your vehicle and the safety of yourself, use of healthy breaks is mandatory.

Every day you use brakes while driving. It helps you to avoid safety issues while on road. Whenever you feel any lag in performance of brakes or have any doubts, you should not avoid it and immediately you need a brake service from near service point.

Brake Service
Brake Service

Some common brake problems which immediately require attention are:

  • Unwanted Noises – When you hear some unusual noises, it’s the first sign that your car might have a braking problem. While in motion you will hear some loud sound if the brake pads are worn out. When the brake pad taps into the rotor this sound will be created.

If you do not service your brakes for long time, you may also hear grinding sound which can be worn out your brake pads that need replacement as soon as possible. If rear drum brakes are not lubricated well then the brakes could also create grinding sound. You should go for a  brake service and if needed you will have to replace your brake pads to avoid the rotor damaging.

  • Mushy Brake Pads – A soft brake pedal is also a sign of braking problem. When you brake, if your pedal feels soft, you need to stop driving to avoid an accident. Changing in brake’s resistance is the result of a leak in braking. The brake fluid which fuels the brakes are kept in the master cylinder. If the cylinder is getting leaked it decreases the power transmission throughout the braking system. As a result, your pedal feels soft when you brake.
  • Vibrations on the Steering Wheel– When you apply the brakes sometimes you feel vibrations which is caused by a rotor. The rotor is a very important component of the brake system. The inconsistency on rotor’s surface is caused to feel vibrations in the steering wheel.

To stop these vibrations, you need to level the rotor’s surface, but this should be done at a professional brake service shop. Any minor inconsistencies of rotor’s thickness can cause shaky feeling in steering while you brake.

  • A Car that Pulls to One Side– A car tends to pulls one side is so dangerous and you should resolve this problem immediately. Many things can cause a car to behave like this. A defective caliper is the most common reason behind this.

Due to corrosion and rust if the piston stalls in its bore then the caliper become defective. If the fluid pressure is so low to push the piston back to its bore, then the brake pads will have an uneven pressure, which is caused to pull the car to one side. To resolve this problem at this situation you will need to exchange the caliper.

  • Brake pedal toughing the floor – Sometime the brake pedal touching the vehicle’s floor.
  • Sometime pedals get stiff – You need to repair it as soon as possible to assure your safety.

If you ignore brake problems for a long time, it can decrease your vehicle’s performance. For your own safety, you need to inspect your brake regularly by an expert near you. Automotive experts recommend that the brakes need to be inspected after running the vehicle for every 10000 miles. Brake service is very crucial for your safety, so don’t ignore it.

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