A Dressage Girth That Offers Support And Comfort For The Horse

It is important to choose a dressage girth that fits perfectly on the horse. People are often hesitant and confused when it comes to buying a girth as they have either bought a new horse or the current girth has been overused. The girth should fit the horse correctly making the horse move freely and comfortably. There is no discomfort or skin irritation for the horse that wears a proper fitted girth.

Reason To Purchase A Girth:

Due to the latest technology, several changes have been made to the girth to offer more support and comfort for the horse.

People should spend some time and look for a girth that fits their criteria and make their horses at ease. Nothing is more important than having a horse who is happy in its girth. The spacing around the elbows, the length of the girth and its broadness are things that should be checked while looking for a good girth. The horse should also be able to move freely without much interruption. You must understand that you have to ride this horse and in that process you do not end up hurting the animal.

Dressage Girth

Various Types Of Dressage Girth

The ‘Padova Extra Soft’ Dressage Girth: This is the most comfortable girth for a horse. It is made from soft leather and is lined with padding. As it has soft leather, the girth buckles which are made of elastic are not necessary to be used. The design is impressive, as the girth is wider in the middle. This helps to distribute the pressure evenly under the sternum. The horse can do plenty of movements freely due to the cut around its elbows. It is mostly suitable for horses and ponies, where the saddle moves backward frequently..

The ‘Geneva’ Dressage Girth: This is the most functionally used girth, as it has a cut around the elbows and the girth has the same width throughout. It has internal elastic on both sides, stainless steel fitting and in the centre, a D ring is attached for training purposes. This helps the saddle from moving forward in horses who have deep shoulders and the girth grove is forward. It’s mostly suitable for horses, but can be used on ponies who have a jumping saddle. The decision is made by the rider if they want to use this type or not. The girth is made in sheepskin too and can be purchased with or without a leather liner.

Dressage Girth

The ‘Grand Prix’ Dressage Girth: This is most comfortable for a larger breed of horses and offers little space for the horses to move their elbow joints. The girth is thicker than the rest and helps in equal distribution of the horse’s pressure and stabilises the saddle. It comes along with a D attachment for training purposes and has elastic on both sides. This girth comes in sheepskin too and can be acquired with or without a leather liner.

The ‘Parma’ Dressage Girth: This girth comes in the shape of a banana and offers plenty of space around the elbows. It’s used in horses and ponies who have sprung ribs and a short back. This allows them to expand their ribs while breathing. It’s perfect for round, small ponies as it’s narrow at the elbows. The saddles stays in place and the rider is not moving forward when this is used.

The girth shouldn’t stick to the horse’s skin and should be breathable. To purchase a good quality one dressage girth, people should be willing to spend for the comfort of their horses. It might sound unimportant but riding a horse that is restless due to the girth’s material will cause more problems in the future. Hence to have a good partnership with the horse, a girth made of high-quality is necessary. A horse should always ride effortlessly and that will be the best return gift for you.

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