Choosing the Proper Trading Card Holder Accessories

You’ve put a lot of effort and money into accumulating your collection. Any collector must choose the correct trading card holder to store, display, preserve, and preserve their collection. Many distribution firms, fortunately, carry a large choice of storage materials for almost every collector area. Trading cards, toys & action figures, sports and entertainment memorabilia, numismatics, comic books, gaming, and more are all covered. 

Here’s how to pick the best trading card holder supplies for your specific collecting requirements. If your local store does not have the materials you require, simply ask them to place an order with any distribution business. 

Manufacturers of Supply Products 

Trading card holders are made by a variety of companies, each of which offers a diverse range of goods to assist collectors in properly storing and displaying their collections. They carry so many various product lines that even different distribution organisations can’t possibly stock them all. You can, however, place orders for specific products that are not currently in stock. Simply give us a call or shop online. 

Read Below the Guidelines to Picking the Right Trading Card Holder 

Card Holders and Sleeves 

  • The point stock of the material on which the trading card is printed is used to determine the thickness. Thankfully, you won’t have to memories the thickness because most manufacturers include a helpful reference card or image that you can download for free. To keep the guide usable for a long time, cut it out and lightly glue it to a trading card decoy before putting it in a cent sleeve. 
  • Trading card storage solutions can be the most difficult and perplexing due to the ever-changing ingenuity of trading card makers. It doesn’t have to be, though. The first decision you must make is whether you want to buy supplies to store your cards, display your cards, or do both. 
  • The sleeve, often known as a penny sleeve, is the first line of defense for individual trading cards. Today’s supply manufacturers have responded by producing sleeves in a variety of weights and thicknesses in response to the rising thickness of trading cards. 
  • After that, decide whether you’ll keep the card in a top loader, snap tight, or magnetic trading card holder. Using the thickness gauge and a ruler, determine the card’s thickness. Choose the right point thickness. 
  • In addition to supplies for standard-sized and premium trading cards, new supplies for storing booklet cards, which have grown increasingly popular in the hobby, are now available. These one-of-a-kind hinged trading card holders open like a book, as you might expect. They can be arranged vertically or horizontally. As a result, supplies for both orientation formats are accessible. 

Pages & Binder Albums 

  • A binder is one of the simplest ways to elegantly display a large collection or set of trading cards. This solution enables for rapid access and safe storage of your trading card collection while being easily kept and presented in an attractive manner on a shelf. Without having to unbox your trade cards, you can easily examine and share them with others. 
  • The incredible variety of trading card sizes produced over the years proves that one size does not suit all. Customization, like anything else, is crucial. Thankfully, acid-free, archival-quality album sheets are available to accommodate any situation. 


There isn’t much in the sports and entertainment trading card hobby that can’t be safely preserved to keep it in good shape. GTS Distribution can also supply free reference guides from various companies to retailers. It simplifies the process of selecting the appropriate supplies for any sports collection. 

To obtain a copy of the reference tool, contact any trading card holder distribution company near you and chat with a representative. Before placing your purchase for your trading card holder, you can also get a digital copy from their websites.



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