All You Need To Know About Buying Animal Print Towels

Towels are very easy to buy, isn’t it? You just have to look for ones that are soft and would absorb water, simple. Well, it’s not that simple, not when buying animal print towels. There are several towels available in the market from which you can choose. But how to find out which one is best for you. 

You would have to understand the gram weight, the cotton it’s made from, and the size. Every towel is made for different use and purpose. Therefore, this article will help you to choose the best towel, according to your requirement. 

What is An Animal Print Towel?

Animal print towels are similar to any other towel which is made from cotton. The highlighted fact of these printed towels is that they have animal prints on them. These towels are made to be used in the bathroom and come in different sizes and materials. The towels are regarded as designer towels that give a comfortable experience. Therefore, let us understand how to choose the best towel for a better experience. 

Selecting The Best Animal Print Towel-

It feels nice after you use a comfortable towel to dry yourself after a bath. It makes you feel more comfortable and relaxed. Additionally, suppose you have a rough towel. In that case having a rough towel causes skin redness and scratches when your towel is not good. So that your search goes as easily as possible, we’ve collected and organized everything you need to know about how to select animal print towels into five main areas, ranging from size and weight to structure. 

  • Size of The Towel:

The towels are made up of different sizes, and before buying any towel, you must ensure what size you require. A traditional towel, in general is smaller in size than a bath sheet, which covers your body entirely. Additionally, when buying animal print towels, always make sure what is the size you require. Additionally, larger towels help you to dry yourself easily and faster.

  • Keep The Weight in Mind:

The density of the bath towels is generally measured in GSM, which is grams per square meter. Therefore, the weight of a normal towel weighs typically between 300 to 900. A towel with lesser GSM will be lighter and thinner and can be used to dry sweat. However, animal print towels are dense and absorb a lot of water easily. Therefore, you should always go for the towels above 600 GSM, absorb more, and are of medium weight.

Animal Print Towels
  • Select The Best Type Of Cotton:

One of the most important factors that make your animal print towels long-lasting and comfortable is the cotton they are made from. The towels are made of three kinds of cotton, namely, standard, Turkish, and Zero twist. Turkish towels have denser and longer cotton loops and absorb more moisture. Whereas the Zero Twist type of cotton provides faster drying and is highly durable and lightweight. Therefore, before buying any towels, make sure that they are made of the cotton you want.

  • Combed & Ring Spun:

Towels are generally made with cotton, and these cotton can either be combed or ringed. The animal print towels made from combed cotton is generally very durable and prevents from pilling. Whereas the ring spun cotton makes the towels smoother and finer. This is due to the finer yarning that takes place while preparing it. Therefore, make sure the towel you are buying is according to your needs. 


Shopping for animal print towels is a challenging process. Sure, you want your purchased towels to be soft and luxurious, but what exactly does it take to buy such types of towels? Take a moment to read our helpful advice below before throwing in the towel. 

Buying towels is not as easy as it looks. It is not just the softness of the material, but the absorbability and durability. Therefore, whenever you buy animal print towels, make sure that you keep the points discussed above in mind. So that you buy the best towel according to your needs. 

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