Drum Trolleys: Your Perfect Partner to Lift Heavy Materials

As the name suggests drum trollies are essential components in the industry handling drums regularly. These multi-purpose trollies are vital to lift, tilt and rotate heavy drums. They are essential for transporting heavy drums across distances. Such heavy lifting is not possible and highly inefficient on a human scale. Also, it provides a layer of protection and improves the overall process.

The design is based on strength and utility purposes, this makes it easier to transport drums on two or four wheels. You can shift the drums horizontally around warehouses or industries. It also allows you to change the orientation of the vessel with minimal effort. Hence it is pretty clear that a drum trolley is a multi-purpose tool that helps in increasing productivity and providing a safe and efficient way to transport drums.

drum trolley (3)

Types of drum trollies in the market:

To help you select the perfect trollies for your trade here is a list of the most efficient trollies. Just have a look and pick what caters to you:

Electric Drum Lifter and Rotators: These use electric power to lift, rotate and transport drums.

Deluxe Drum Cradle: A heavy-duty drum cradle that can lift 210 liters capacity. It is an exceptional tool to move drums around the warehouse and store it in horizontal positions.

Steel and Plastic Drum Trolley: Another set of drum trolleys that has a carrying capacity of 210 liters for both steel and plastic drums. It provides a smooth lifting experience due to hydraulic handle pumps.

Drum Dollies: Wheel castors are present to increase the mobility of the drum trolley. You can use them especially for transporting heavy-duty drums from one location to another. It also comes in different varieties such as powder coated and stainless steel to cater to your requirements.

Hydraulic Drum Truck: This is good for people who are looking for even higher drum carrying capacities. It boasts a carrying capacity of 365kg and makes it quite easy to transport drums.

Consider these additional types of drum trollies

Steel Drum Palletiser: Manufacturers specially design it for the loading and unloading of drums from the corner of palettes. It is especially suited for drums with rims on the top. It consists of a mechanism that allows you to easily transport drums.

Slide Shift Drum Depalletiser: A tool that allows you to move drums from anywhere on the pallet. It is based on the mechanism of sliding-shift arrangement that allows you to access drums from even the center of the pallets hence providing you with great flexibility and utility. While loading and uploading it only requires access to one side of the barrel hence making it quite useful while operating in small spaces. The side shift arrangement also allows you to shift barrels from one side to another on the pallets. Thus, this design is unique and highly efficient, and utility-based.

package hand truck

Polypropylene Rotary Drum Pump: These are useful in carrying drums of 60-210 liters. It consists of a three-piece suction pump. This allows you to use this drum pump on various chemicals, detergents, and solvents.

So now that you know the various types of drum trollies available in the market you can have a look at the most reliable companies currently operating in this field. STURGO, DHE Materials Handling Equipment, and Sastha Equipments are some of the prominent names currently operating in this space. Their products provide assurance and an unmatched guarantee. Thus they make excellent options for anyone looking to use a drum trolley.


Here you have seen how you can utilize drum trolleys in the industry at present. You now have the knowledge of some of their uses before understanding the different types of drum trolleys. It is advisable that you understand the different types of trollies before investing in them. Further, you now know some of the companies that provide a seal of assurance and guarantee of performance. Understanding these key points will greatly assist you in buying the best drum trolley for your cause.


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