How To Paint Your Roof Right?

Roof painting, in general, is the layer of coating applied to the roof of the house. This layer of coating used for the roof is a liquid or fluid layering. The coating of liquid on the roof acts as a shield and protects the roof. It saves the room from rusting due to moisture and increases the life of the roof.

As the safety factor is connected to this, one must do it in the correct way. Apart from that, it offers more benefits than one.

Steps for roof painting

For a proper roof painting, there are certain steps you need to follow:

Cleaning: It is important that you check the whole area of the roof and clean it first. It is extremely needed to avoid any bumps or moss underneath the paint.

Repairing: When the roof is cleaned, you will be able to find or locate any sort of damage or cracks in the roof. If you find any such damage, repair it and seal the cracks before applying the paint.

Painting: Now that your roof is all cleaned and repaired, your roof is ready to get painted. It is also better to use paint that is waterproof and UV rays proof.

roof painting (3)

Types of roof painting

The most common types of roof painting available are:

Silicone roof painting: Silicon roof coating is a common type of coating used by many people. This type of coating contains acetoxy-cure and oxime-cure. The acetoxy-cure is affordable and highly resistant to UV rays. While oxime-cure is expensive, however, it is resistant to UV rays, harmful weather conditions, and metal corrosion.

Acrylic roof painting: Acrylic roof coating provides a seamless defense to the roof due to its elastomeric membrane. They are resistant to dirt and weather changes, prevent leaks, seal the seam, maintain the original shape of the roof for a long time, UV rays’ protection and keeps the roof and house cool during summer. They are also inexpensive, durable, and lightweight.

Polyurethane roof painting: These are usually solvent-based and come in aromatic and aliphatic types. They have mechanical properties and so are high in abrasion resistance. They have usually used in hail-prone regions.

Cool roof painting: This type of coating is a way of keeping the house or building cool. They are thick like paint and are resistant to the sun’s rays and heat. They are not only a way to keep the house cool but also an energy-saving factor. Since they keep the house cool, the usage of air conditioners in the house gets lesser, hence saving energy and money. It is also resistant to the effects of chemicals and saves the roof from water damage.

Asphalt roof coatings: Asphalt roof coatings are available in two types: solvent-based and emulsion-based. They are primarily utilized in chilly climates. It’s an aluminized coating that’s employed when you require a reflective and UV-resistant asphalt layer.

roof painting (2)


The benefits that come with roof painting are:

It helps in keeping the temperature of the building cooler.

Since it keeps the building down, the energy consumed by air conditioners is also reduced.

Roof painting also helps in preventing roof leaks as they act as a protective shield for the roofs.

The coatings and paint applied to the roof of the house or building also make the house look good and aesthetic.

It also increases the life expectancy or validity of the roof.

If there is any plan of selling the house, one will get a great price because of this.


With the right coating or painting of your roof, you can not only save the roof of your house but also give your building a stylish look and save a lot of your money as well. Doing it the right way will save you from many problems like leakage or molds.

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