What Does A Plumber Do?

Who is a plumber?

Let’s clarify who a plumber is before going on to the employment position of a plumber. A plumber is a professional that specializes in installing, maintaining, and repairing potable water fittings, pipelines, and sewage and drainage systems.

Does it require having a degree to become a plumber?

No. Plumber is one of those professions where you do not need to study for three to four years to get a bachelor’s degree to have a good job. You can become a plumber even with any degree that you have.

Though no academic qualification is required, yes, there is a set of skills that are required for the job of plumbing, the most important of which is to have technical knowledge of machines and tools to do soldering, welding, and assembling components, to name a few. Among others, problem-solving ability, a good knowledge of maths, and physical strength, especially hand and arm strength, are some more of the skills which can prove to be beneficial if you, as a plumber, possess them.

In some countries, there are apprenticeship programs, and also a plumber needs a license to be in this job.


Do plumbers earn well?

Can you imagine any building, office, or home where fitting of pipes and proper sewage and drainage system is not required? Well, it clearly gives an answer to this question. Over the period of time, technology has taken over many job roles and left many people jobless or in need of learning new skills to start off their career again in some other field, but plumbing is not one of them.

The amount of money a plumber earns depends upon his skills to get the work done efficiently and also on how good he is at forming relations with people.

The job role of a plumber

A plumber’s job includes a lot of things, such as:

Repairing domestic appliances and fixtures

Installing plumbing systems in the home and commercial settings

Repairing plumbing systems in a commercial and residential setting, in case of any fault

Install domestic appliances and fixtures which are associated with cooling and heating of water and sanitation

Before the installation of a plumbing system at any place, a plumber should be able to understand the blueprint thoroughly to plan the installation and layout.

Tubes, pipes, fittings, and fixtures are cut, welded, and assembled according to the plan and are installed.

Once the installation is done, testing is also necessary to check if everything is working as per the plan and functioning perfectly well or not.


Not only the job of a plumber includes working with pipes and fittings but also handling customer queries and understanding their needs

After analyzing the issue, the plumber also needs to resolve it.

Not only does he have to take care of the installation and repair, but he also sources and manages materials for different projects.

Apart from all these, one must have plumbing equipment. Along with that, the expertise in using that equipment is what one needs to be successful in this field.

The Bottom Line

Just because a plumber doesn’t need to have a degree for his work does not mean it’s a cakewalk and anybody can perform his job. The set of skills required to do a plumber’s job accurately and efficiently is just as vast as any other job, and so is their job role. And, being skilled is of utmost need. Otherwise, it will cause a massive disaster if someone unskilled does the plumbing work.


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