How Can Summer Horse Rugs Be Beneficial For Your Horses?

Rugs are basically used for protection on horses. Animals need protection from heat, cold, rain, insect attack, or any other types of harsh situations just like humans need. So, your horse needs rugs in summer to keep the body safe from heat and all.

There are varieties you can get in summer rugs. All are designed to fulfill different purposes. If you are willing to buy summer horse rugs, you first have to know what your horse will need.

Why your horse needs rugs in summer?

Before getting into the description of different summer rugs, this question must be answered because there is a doubt whether your horse needs a rug in summer or not. Well, your horse can survive without a rug in summer but if you want it to be in a good condition you must provide rugs for it.

  • The increasing temperature of the sun causes the horses to suffer from the heat. Due to their prolonged stay under the sun.
  • Moreover, the harmful UV ray can cause faded hair and other problems on the horse’s skin.
  • In summer, the disturbance of insects and flies increases. Horses often get attacked by them and as result skin diseases occur.

So, whether it is summer or any other season of the year, your horse needs rugs. 

Different summer horse rugs and their benefits

  1. Sun protection rugs

    These rugs are great for summer. We know that the searing heat of the sun in the summer is unbearable for us. So, how can it be tolerable for animals? Over that, the UV ray is also harmful to them. These summer horse rugs protect horses from extreme heat as well as UV rays touching the skin. If your horse has a darker color, you might have noticed that due to sun exposure the color might lighten. These horse rugs prevent this. They are breathable too because the fabric material is of good quality and lightweight. 
  1. Coolers

    Coolers are used in extreme cases when the horse needs immediate temperature control like just after a run. These summer horse rugs are made out of breathable cotton fabric and cool down the inner temperature immediately. After a run or exercise, the body temperature of horses increases massively. So, it needs to be regulated and the cooler does the job pretty well. The best part of these rugs is they also control the temperature to do extremely down so that the horse doesn’t feel very much cold and can enjoy a comfortable temperature. 
  1. Mesh rugs

    These rugs are used to protect flies and other insects to come in contact with the horses. In summer, various harmful insects are seen here and there. Horses are not secure inside or outside. A single bite of these harmful creatures can result in big diseases or skin irritation and infection. So, your loved animal needs protection. Summers are prone to flies and poisonous insects, apart from skin diseases and boils. The mesh summer horse rugs can help in keeping the body safe.
  1. Sweet itch rugs

    Sweet itch is a common skin disease for horses. It can occur due to flies and biting insects. . Sweet itch rugs are dedicatedly designed to protect horses from these insects. So, to maintain the good health of your horses you must have this type of summer horse rug in your collection.


We hope, after these details, there are no doubts about using horse rugs in summer and you also know their benefits. So, buy your horses suitable summer horse rugs to protect their health.

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