Advantages of Using Cantilever Racking System for Storage in Warehouses

Warehouse and manufacturing industries need to store usual loads and odd sized long and bulky loads as well. While the general racks easily support the requirement of storing usual loads, for the long, heavy weights, and odd sized loads you need a special storage solution and that is pallet racking system. Particularly this racking system is structured of upright columns equipped with cantilevered arms for extensive support. Moreover, when it is about bulky loads storage like that of timber, pipes, trusses, plywood, etc, you either need cantilevered rack system which offers methodical storage and stacking option or simply stacking the loads on floor. Instead of piling loads on floor which consumes space more than is needed, while in cantilever racks you can load items either from both side and single side and depending upon the number of racks you can also manage more loads within limited space.

Secured Storage System

Cantilever racking system offers reliable and durable storage solution for all warehouses, manufacturing unit and industrial storage purposes.

Cantilever Racking
Cantilever Racking
  • Secured strong bases with supportive and firm upright stand, arms for better hold and braces offer support for load storage.
  • The arms directly extend right from the braces offering adequate shelf space for storage of long, oddly shaped blocks of items.
  • These shelves offer three-dimensional storage access facilities therefore you can stack required items from all three sides and even stack them up to the ceiling.
  • Moreover, besides storage advantages even installation is easy. Not only that, you can have the advantage of reconfiguring it as well if you want to shift the racks from one place to another. Even more you can also adjust the shelf heights, distance between racks etc in order to manage different items of different shape and size.
  • Configuring the racks accordingly enhances working ease, improves productivity, and also makes stocks easily accessible for the warehouse staff, and also minimizes handling time.
  • Moreover, you can also add to your storage capacity by purchasing extra arms to your cantilever rack system.

Types of Cantilever Racking System

According to the limit of their load handling capacity, accessibility, etc other factors the cantilever racking system is segregated into different types. The popular ones are:

Cantilever Racking
Cantilever Racking

Light Duty

Light duty cantilever rack arms are capable of handling load of 500 pounds per arm. Basically, this type of racking is useful when the load management is done in hand. In this case warehouse operators can load and unload goods special equipments or forklifts, etc. You can also get medium duty racks and heavy-duty racks as well in the market which are capable of taking more loads, like 700 to 1000 pounds or 5000 to 6000 pounds.


This is the most popular form of cantilever racking and is made out of steel which again ensures better durability and reliability over long term use. It is capable of handling medium to heavy duty loads. It is basically chosen for typical industrial purposes where heavy loads require firm storage. This cantilever pallet racking system comes with high quality structure grade bolts at each point of joint of the racking system. It has another added advantage of using it both inside and outside.

I Beam

When the company is seeking for free standing racking solution for the warehouse or industry unit, I Beam racking system is the perfect choice which can be availed for up to twenty feet of height. These racks enhance your load handling efficiency and at the same time demands low maintenance. These cantilever racking systems are capable of handling approximately up to 20,000 pounds of weight.


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